Chronology of Events

3000Human settlement on site of present-day Athens begins
The King Must Die - immediately before 1450
1450destruction of palace at Knossos
The Bull From the Sea - immediately following 1450
1200Troy captured and destroyed
776Olympic games begin
750poet Hesiod lives
735First Messenian War: Spartan conquest of Messenia
700colonies formed in Syracuse and Tarentum
650Second Messenian War: unsuccessful revolt of Messenia
621Draco institutes harsh laws at Athens
594Solon (638-559) becomes archon at Athens. Serfdom abolished, government by property owners
560Pistratus (605-527) tyrant of Athens, promotes building and expansion
The Praise Singer
508Cleisthenes introduces Athenian democracy -- all freemen vote
507Athens repels attack by Sparta
500sAthens grows rapidly, acropolis rebuilt as religious shrine
499-49Persian wars: Athenians repel repeated invasion by Persians
480Athens sacked
479rebuilding of Athens begins, fortification, walls enclose piraeus
478Delian League formed to oppose Persia, from 467 controlled by Athens
464-1Third Messenian War, unsuccessful revolt by Messina
460-29Age of Pericles (495-20).
447-38Parthenon is built.
The Last of the Wine
431-04Peloponneisan War ends Athens' dominance in Greece
411Oligarchy established in Athens; democracy reestablished in months
403Spartan rule in Athens by Thirty Tyrants is overthrown
399Socrates (470-399) forced to poison himself
The Mask of Apollo
395-87Corinthian War between Sparta and Athens (allied with Persia); Spartan control of Athens ends
387Plato founds Academy
371Thebes defeats Sparta, dominates Greece briefly
Fire From Heaven
355-38Sacred Wars (third and fourth) among various states. Two wars (355-46 and 339-38) end in Macedonian control over Greece
335Aristotle opens Lyceum
The Persian Boy
334-24Alexander the Great (356-23) rapidly conquers vast empire from Greece to the Indus Valley
Funeral Games
323-281Wars of the Diadochi, rival generals for control of the empire. After Corupedion (281) divided into Macedonia, Seleucid Asia Minor, and Ptolemaic Egypt
214-148Macedonian Wars: Greece becomes province of the Roman Empire

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