Fire From Heaven
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Mythical (Iliad) - Achilles || Hektor || Herakles || Patroklos ||
Agis - royal bodyguard to Philip
Aischenes - former actor, Athenian envoy
Alexandros of Epiros - Olympias' brother, King of Epiros
Amyntas - son of Philip's brother Perdikkas, a royal nephew
Amyntor - Hephaistion's father
Antipatros - general under Philip, ambassador to Athens, Regent
Archelaos (2) - King of Macedonia, original builder of the palace at Pella
Aristodemos - Athenian envoy
Aristotle - Alexander's tutor life & works
Arridaios - idiot son of Philip; co-ruler of Macedon after Alexander
Attalos - next in command after Parmenion at Chaironeia
Darius - Great King of Persia
Demaratos - Corinthian aristocrat, host to Philip at Council of Corinth
Demosthenes - orator, envoy from Athens, coward at Chaironeia
Dionysios the Younger - Corinthian schoolmaster, former ruler of Syracuse
Eurydike - Attalos' niece, married to Philip
Gyras - a soldier, Alexander joins him in his blood feud
Gorgo - girl at Aigai during the Dionysia
Harpolos - Companion of Alexander, a clubfoot
Hellanike - nursemaid to Alexander (aka Lanike)
Hephaistion - Alexander's lifelong lover
Hyrmina - woman from Epiros, mysteries companion to Olympias
Isokrates - philosopher who urged Philip to unify Greece
Kallixeina - hetaira sent by Olympias for Alexander at Ptolemy's dinner
Kassandros - Companion to unwilling Alexander, son of Antipatros
Kleopatra (4) - younger sister of Alexander
Kleitos - Hellanike's younger brother, Captain of the Companions
Ktesiphon - Athenian envoy
Lambaros - Thracian prince, hostage at Pella
Leonidas - Olympia's uncle and Alexander's first teacher
  other teachers: Timanthes (grammar), Epikrates (music),
  Naukles (mathematics), Derkylos (gymnastics)
Lynkestids - sons of Airopos: Alexandros, Heromenes, Arrabaios
Lysimachos (1) - Philip's palace-guest, later tutor to Alexander, nicknamed Phoinix
Melissa - Nubian servant/companion to Kleopatra
Nearchos - companion to Alexander, sea captain
Ochos - earlier Great King of Persia, Darius' predecessor
Olympias (2) - Alexander's mother, orphaned daughter of Epiros king description
Pausanias - Philip's bodyguard, next Somatophylax, then his assassin
Parmenion - general under Philip
Peithon - soldier who saves Alexander at Doriskos
Perdikkas - Philip's older brother
Persian envoys (Artabazos, Menapis) - rebel satraps hosted by Alexander aged 5
Philip (3) - Alexander's father, King of Macedon 359-336, description
Philokrates - an Athenian envoy, secret agent of Philip in Athens
Philotas - Companion of Alexander, son of Parmenion
Pixodoros - satrap king of Karia, to-be father-in-law of Arridaios
Ptolemy - Companion of Alexander, his half-brother (Philip's son)
Thais - Athenian hetaira in Corinth, Ptolemy's girlfriend
Theagenes - Theban commander of confederate forces at Chaironeia
Thettalos - Sophoclean actor at Pella (see Mask of Apollo), in love with Alexander
Zeuxis - painter of the palace at Pella


Boukephalas - Oxhead, Alexander's horse
Glaukos - the house snake at Pella
Peritas - Alexander's deerhound
Tyche - another house snake, Alexander's own

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Vase Paintings

Macedonian coins before Alexander

Historical Overview

The Creation of Macedonian Power (Thomas Martin, Perseus Project)
1. Macedonian Monarchy
2. Macedonians and Greeks
3. The Ambitions of Philip II
4. Philip's Reorganization of the Macedonian Army
5. Philip and the Greeks
6. The Aftermath of the Battle of Chaeronea
7. Alexander's Rise to Power
8. Alexander's Hopes
9. The Attack on the Persian Empire
10. The Siege of Tyre
11. Alexander in Egypt
12. The Conquest of Persia
13. Alexander's March to the East
14. Alexander in Afghanistan and India
15. The Return of Alexander
16. Alexander's Last Plans
17. The Aims of Alexander
18. The Death of Alexander
19. The Effect of Alexander