The Macedonian Succession
Mary Renault, The Nature of Alexander, New York: Parthenon Books, 1975 (p. 7)

Alexander Idied c. 450
Perdiccas IIc.450-414; died
Perdiccasson of above, believed murderd at age seven by Archelaus
Archelaus I414-399; murdered by his favourite, Craterus
Craterusking for four days; executed
Orestesson of Archelaus I, 399-396; murdered by his guardian Aeropus II
Aeropus IIdescent uncertain, 396-392; fate unknown Civil wars
Amyntas IIdescent uncertain, 392-390; fate unknown
Pausaniasson of Aeropus II, 390-389; fate unknown
Amyntas IIIdescent uncertain, 389-369; died
Alexander IIeldest son of Amyntas III, 369-368; murdered by his mother's lover, Ptolemy
Ptolemy368-367; killed by Perdiccas III
Perdiccas IIIsecond son of Amyntas III, 367-359; killed in battle, or by his mother
Philip IIthird son of Amyntas III, 359-336; assassinated
ALEXANDER III  the Great, son of Philip II, 336-323; died
Alexander IVson of above, 323-c.310; murdered by Cassander Joint
Philip Arridaeusson of Philip II, 323-317; murdered by Olympias

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