The Last of the Wine
London: Longmans; New York: Pantheon (1956)

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Agathon - crowned tragedian, friend of Sokrates
Agios - pilot of the Paralos
Agis - King of Sparta
Alexias - father's brother, Alexias' namesake, died the day Alexias was born
ALEXIAS - son of Myron, named after uncle, soldier of Athens
Alkamenes - craftsman who does bronzes
Alkibiades - great exiled general of Athens
Alkiphron - of Acharnai, has a likely son to marry Charis
Amasis - slave of Myron's
Anakreon - poet
Anaxagoras - explained an eclipse, thought Helios was only a glowing stone
Andokides - Kritias' cousin, who was accused of Herm breaking and gave a full confession for immunity
Antandros - on the Eleutheria when it sinks, cried out own name to those who would survive so that they would not forget
Anthemion - son of Anytos
Antiochos - the pilot, Alkibiades' close friend
Anytos - old man crowned in the resistance, becomes a democrat leader
Apollodoros - latecomer to Socrates' group
Arakos - Spartan soldier, friend of Xenophon
Archestratos -
Arete - daughter of Archegoras, Myron's second wife
Aristides - "the Just"
Aristippos - man who was arguing with Sokrates
Aristophanes - old Attic playwright who make fun of Sokrates - Online Works
Artaxerxes - King of Persia
Aspasia - the girl that Perikles kept
Aster - grey haired, blue eyed boy who danced for Apollo; whom Alexias liked
Autolykos - the crowned wrestler
Brygos - metic in a saddler's shop that Lysis & Alexias meet in
Chairophon - friend of Sokrates, exiled democrat
Charis - Alexias' younger half sister
Charmides - rich, well born suitor of Alexias
Chremon - a Herm-Maker
Cyrus - Persian prince, Darius' son
Damiskos - maternal grandfather, Olympic runner
Demeas - of Mantinea, master-at-arms, trained Alexias
Demokrates - rich father of Lysis
Demosthenes (2) - general who takes relief army to Sicily
Dionysodoros - (and brother) "cheapjack" sophists who will teach anything
Drosis - Lysis' girl, a Corinthian
Ephistenes - Lysis wrestles with him
Eryximachos - the doctor, friend of Sokrates
Eukles - Last man Lysis spoke to
Eumastas - Spartan runner that Alexias befriends at Isthmus Games
Euphro - Alexias' girl in Samos
Euphronios - a perfumer
Euripides - playwright, friend of Sokrates - Online Works
Euthydemos - pupil of Sokrates, youthful friend to Alexias
Gorgias - sophist who was a Sicilian
Gorgion - soldier in Lysis' troop, with Alexias
Gryllos - father of Xenophon
Gurgos - Phrygian whore keeper
Hermokrates - Myron's renter
Hippias - sophist who treats students as children
Hippias - the tyrant
Hyperbolos - banished disreputable old demagogue who dies by the oligarchs in Samos
Kallias - says the bay will win in the horse race
Kallibios - Spartan general
Kallikles - friend of Sokrates
Kallikratidas - Spartan general in the navy
Kebes/Simmias - Theben boys who help Alexias and Lysis
Kephalos - an armorer, (who puts on gold frivolities)
Kleanor - friend of Neon, dead brother-in-law of Lysis
Kleophon - democrat leader
Konon - general in the Athenian navy
Kritias - well born rich oligarch, student of Sokrates, political friend of Myron, enters politics
Kritobulos - son of Kriton
Kriton - follower, student, friend of Sokrates
Krokinos - son of Strymon, cousin of Myron
Kydilla - female slave of Myron
Ladas - the Spartan runner who fell dead with the olive fresh in his crown
Lamachos - "good" Athenian general who goes to Sicily, died storming a cross wall
Lamprokles - Sokrates' son
Leon - of Salamis
Lykon - father of Autolykos
Lysander - commander of the Spartan navy
Lysias - the speechmaker, brother of Polymarchos
Lysikles - commander of Myron's squadron, survivor the decimation of the Athenian army at Sicily
Lysis - son of Demokrates of OExone, student of Socrates
Melitta - sister-in-law of Thalia
Menexenos - Lysis' cousin
Midas - Lydian slave of Myron's who was Alexias' tutor
Mikkos - headmaster of Alexias' school
Myron - son of Philokles, in the Athenian Cavalry
Myrtilos - soldier who relieves Alexias
Neon - brother of Thalia
Nikias - "old" Athenian general who goes to Sicily
Niko - sister of Lysis
Nikomedes - runner from Kos at the Isthmus Games
Pasion - the banker
Pausanias - friend of Agathon
Pausanias - Spartan king
Perikles - died soon after Alexias was born, advised Athens
Phaedo - Melian slave, friend of Sokrates
Phalinos - Myron's neighbor
Pheidias - statue carver
Philokles - Alexias' older brother, died of the plague
Philokles - paternal grandfather, image of Poseidon
Philokrates - Athenian general in war against Melos, Myrons sailed with him
Philolaos - Pythagorean teacher of Kebes and Simmias
Philon - Alexias' namesake's lover whom he died with
Phokas - the silversmith
Pisistrates - "the Tyrant"
Pistias - the armorer who was to do Alexias' armor
Plato - Aristokles, son of Ariston, descendant from King Kodros - Online Works
Pollis - man who served under Alkibiades
Polykleitos - the Younger, a Herm-Maker
Polykrates - Samian tyrant who had his castle ruined
Polymarchos - the shieldmaker, killed by the oligarchs
Polymides - very rich, annoying suitor of Alexias,
Protagoras - "venerable" Sophist
Proxenos - Theban knight befriended by Xenophon while a prisoner of Thebes
Pythagoras - mystic philosopher
Rhodian, the - free woman who was Myron's concubine for a time
Simon - the cobbler
Sokrates - son of Sophroniskos, Sophist philosopher, teacher, and friend
Sostias - old slave of Myron's
Sostratos - son of Eupolos of Argos, wrestler who wrecks Lysis in the pankration at the Isthmus Games
Strymon - great uncle of Alexias
Tellis - friend of Myron, poor
Thalia - daughter of Timasion, married to Lysis
Theages - young student of Sokrates
Theramenes - friend of Myron, leader of the moderates in Athens
Theres - pilot of the Siren
Thermistokles - the long walls "belong" to him
Theseus - Legendary hero
Thirty, the - the oligarchs that ruled Athens after the Spartans conquered it until the democrats retook power
Thrasybulos - democratic leader who fights the oligarchs
Thukydides - exiled Athenian general - online works
Timandra - one of Alkibiades' girls
Timasion - trierarch of the Demokratia
Timon - Athenian who lives in a cave and hates men
Tisander - Corinthian runner at the Isthmus Games
Tissaphernes - Persian satrap that takes Alkibiades in
Tolmides - captured Theben that Alexias feeds when wounded, lover of the Theben that sets Alexias free when he is captured
Tydeus - new general in the Athenian navy
Xanthippe - Sokrates' wife
Xenophon - son of Gryllos, friend of Alexias - online works
Zenon - sophist with democratic opinions

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