Agora place of assembly, especially the market-place
Archon one of the nine chief magistrates of Athens
Chlamys a cloak worn by men
Daric gold or silver coin, named after Darius, King of Persia, equal to 20 drachmas
Deme township or district in Attica
Dikastery law-courts formed by 6,000 citizens elected annually for the trial of judicial cases
Drachma Greek silver coin
Ephebe name given to young men belonging to the first twenty years of age; they then became liable to military training and duties
Ephor title of the highest magistrates in Sparta; there were five, elected annually, and put in charge of guardianship over law, conduct of war, internal affairs, and the training of the young
Epitaphion the annual funeral oration spoken for the Athenians who had fallen in battle
Gymnasiarch Athenian official charged with the supervision of athletic training schools and games
Hipparch commander of the cavalry
Hoplite foot-soldier
Kerameikos "potters' field," an area of ancient Athens divided by the walls of Themistokles into the Inner and Outer Kerameikos
Kordax an obscene dance of Greek comedy
Kottabos a game played at drinking parties, in which the wine left in the cup was thrown into a bronze vessel; if the sound was clear, it was a good omen
Metic an alien allowed to reside at Athens on payment of a tax
Mina denomination of money corresponding to 100 drachmas
Obol coin representing the value of 1/6 of a drachma
Palaestra training school for wrestling and athletics
Pankratiast participant in a Pankration
Pankration athletic contest, combining wresting and boxing
Pnyx public place of assembly in Athens, on a hill west of the Akropolis
Prytaneum hall in which distinguished citizens and foreign ambassadors were entertained at public expense
Scolion song sung in tern by guests at a banquet
Stater gold coin, weight about 1/2 ounce
Stele upright slab or stone
Strategos commander-in-chief or chief magistrate at Athens
Strigil instrument for scraping dust and sweat from the body
Trireme galley with three ranks of oars, used chiefly in war
Triarch ruler of one of the three divisions of a country

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