The Bull From the Sea
London, Longmans; New York, Pantheon (1962)

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Achilles - a boy at Lykomedes' palace when Theseus dies
Aigeus - Theseus' father and King until he throws himself off the palace wall
Akamas - Phaedra's son
Amyntor - A Crane who becomes the Capt. of Theseus' personal guard
Antigone - The daughter/sister of Oedipus who is sealed alive in her own grave
Ariadne - Thrice Holy daughter of Minos, dead in childbirth on Naxos
Chryse - Crane who marries Amyntor and becomes Hyppolyta's friend
Deukalion - Puppet King of Crete, he and his wife raise Phaedra
Echeloas - heir to the throne of Mykenai, offers Theseus his sister
Hekaline - old woman at Marathon whose Heifer dropped Oinops
Hippolyta - Queen of the Amazons who Theseus falls in love with and takes
Hippolytos - son of Theseus and Hippolyta
Idaios - Theseus's steersman (at Dia)
Idomeneus - Duekalion's son who takes the throne of Crete after his father
Jason - King of Iolkos
Kreon - King of Thebes after Oedipus
Laios - The father of Oedipus whom he kills
Lykomedes - King of Skyros where Theseus dies
Medea - Witch, Aigeus' woman, later curses the King in Iolkos(Jason?)
Menestheus - Body page, Peteus' son, gives wine to the Kentaurs, succedes Theseus
Molpadia - Queen after Hyppolyta, kills her shooting an arrow at Theseus
Mykale - Old palace slave woman, warns Theseus "Loose not the bull from the sea!"
Oedipus - The King of Thebes, kills father, weds mother, dies in Kolonos
Old Handy - Kentaur wise man, teacher, last seen at masacre wedding of Pirithoos
Phaedra - Youngest daughter of King Minos and bride of Theseus
Pirithoos - Lapith, King of Thessaly, pirate, lifelong friend of Theseus
Pittheus - Theseus' maternal grandfather and King of Troizen
Prokrustes - Land Baron of Kithairon whom Theseus kills
Pylenor - Theseus' soldier, a famous swimmer, killed by Hyppolyta
Sirios - old wrestler at Troizen who carries fitful Akamas to Theseus
Thebe/Pylia - Two Cranes that Podargos kills. They were lovers.
THESEUS - Legendary hero "High King of Attica, Megara, and Eleusis,
      guardian of Thebes and Lord of Crete"


Atkis - First Aigeus' dog, then adopts Theseus as master.
Oinops - bull sired by Podargos when Theseus captures him at Marathon
Podargos - King Bull of the sacred herd sprung from the sun, "Old Snowy"

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