The King Must Die
London: Longmans; New York: Pantheon (1958)

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Aigeus - (Aegeus) Theseus' father, king of Attica, son of Pandion, son of Kekrops
Aithra - (Aethra) Theseus' mother, daughter of Troizen's king Pittheus, son of Pelops
Aktor - head trainer in the Bull Court
Alektryon - warrior elder son of Perimos
Ariadne - daughter of Minos
Asterion - son of Minos, the Minotaur, threw ring in water for Theseus to find
Cranes - boys and girls taken to Crete as bull dancers:
  girls: Chryse, Melantho, Hephele, Helike, Rhene, Phylia, Thebe
  boys: Theseus, Amyntor, Phormion, Telamon, Hippon, Iros, Menesthes
Companions at Eleusis - Pallans, Bias, Hypsenor, Amyntor
the Corinthian - longest surviving bull dancer when the Cranes arrive
Daedalus - builder of the Labyrinth and Pasiphae's artificial cow
Dexios - Theseus' childhood friend, then charioteer from Troizen
Diokles - Theseus' favorite uncle, killed at Troizen
Engenes - Theseus' son by Philona, commander of his Palace Guard
Itheus - Theseus' son by Philona, a shipmaster
Kannadis - priest at Poseidon's temple on Sphairia
Kasos - a Rhodian pirate's son, leader of the Sparrowhawks team
Kerkyon - one-year husband of Persephone, King of Eleusis
Lukos - captain of the ship carrying the Cranes to Crete
Medea - wife of Aigeus
Minos - ruler of Knossos, son of Zeus and Europa
Minotaur - son of Pasiphae and a bull
Nisos - king of Megara
Pallas - ruler of South Attica (Sounion), defeated by Theseus
Pasiphae - wife of Minos
Perimos - the Recorder, keeper of precedents in the Minoan Court
Persephone - Queen of Eleusis, public name of Kone
Phaedra - youngest daughter of Minos
Philona - Kos girl saved by Theseus at Corinth
Phoitios - head of Asterion's palace guard
Pylas - son of Nisos
Rizon - charioteer chosen by Xanthos for Theseus
Simo - Theseus fellow servant at Poseidon's temple on Sphairia
Sinis - Isthmian robber who tore men apart
Skiron - the robber Theseus killed on the Isthmus
Thalestris - Sauromantian (beyond the Cuacasus) girl, leader of the Gryphons team
Xanthos - brother of Persephone


Herakles - the red-and-white Bull which selected the Cranes
Phaia - the she-boar of Krommynon (near the Megaran border)

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