Scenes of Knossos

Aerial view of site and surroundings, with valley and sea
Aerial view of palace, from NE
Facade of house from E
Side view of the reconstructed building
Reconstructed remains from SW
Detail of building from S
Overall view from S
Overall view from W
General view
General view from S
Overall view from S
Distant view from S
General distant view from S
More distant view from S
Distant overall view
Stairwell in Queen's Megaron from below
East side of Queen's Megaron from SE
South side of Queen's Megaron from S
Theatral Area from SW
Road to Theatral Area from W
Entrance and ramp from N
Entrance and colonnade from SE
Northwest Lustral Area from N
West Propylon from N
West Magazines from E
Throne Room quarter from E
Southwest Propylon from SE
West Court and Propylon from N
Procession Fresco
Columns and Bull Fresco from E
Dolphin Fresco in Queen's Megaron
Frescoes in second story of stairwell in Queen's Megaron
Storage pithoi in Domestic Quarter
Pithoi in West Magazine
Columns and base in great staircase of Domestic Quarter

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