The Persian Boy
London: Longman Group; New York: Pantheon (1972)

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Mythical - Achilles || Dionysos || Dioskouroi || Hektor || Herakles || Patroklos
Alexandros of Lynkestis - heir to Macedonian throne, executed with Philotas
Anarxarchos - sophist at Alexander's court, proposes prostration
Antikles - squire to Alexander
Antipatros - Macedonian Regent
Ariobarzanes - Governor of Persis
Aristander - chief seer (entrail reader) for Alexander
Aristoboulos - Alexander's architect
Aristotle - Alexander's tutor life & works
Artabazos - Satrap fled to Philip's Macedon, made Satrap of Aeria
Aristogeiton - with Harmodios, murderers of Hipparchos
Artemares - Bagoas' father, son of Araxis of the Pasargadai Tribe
Arses - King of Persia after Ochos
Athenodoros - prize-winning actor at Tyre
Atropoates - Satrap of Media
BAGOAS - Eunuch of Darius, Companion to Alexander, Narrator
Bagoas - Eunuch Vizier to Ochos
Bessos - Darius' cousin, Baktrian Satrap (most powerful in empire)
Boubakes - Darius' chief household Eunuch
Chares - Alexander's Macedonian chamberlain
Darius (3) - Darius III, King of Persia after Arses
Datis - gem-stone dealer in Susa, first owner of Bagoas
Doriskos - Greek mercenary fond of Bagoas (possibly son of Aischenes)
Drypetis - Darius' daughter, Stateira's sister, Hephaistion's wife
Dymnos - soldier central to plot to assassinate Alexander
Epimenes - squire to Alexander, brother of Eurylochos
Eumenes - chief secretary to Philip and to Alexander
Eurylochos - Companion to Alexander, brother of Epimenes
Glaukias - Hephaistion's physician at Ekbatana
Gobares - Bessos' vassal turned informer to Alexander
Harmodios - with Aristogeiton, murderers of Hipparchos
Harpalos - Alexander's childhood friend, treasurer in Bablyon
Hephaistion - Alexander's lifelong lover
Hermolaos - squire to Alexander, lover of Sostratos
Histanes - son of Oxyartes, commander of Sogdian Rock
Iollas - Kassandros's brother, Alexander's cupbearer
Ismenios - Alexander's bedroom guard after Kleitos's death, lover of Bagoas
Kalanos - nickname of a naked Indian philosopher
Kallisthenes - Aristotle's nephew, Alexander's chronicler and librarian
Kassandros - son of the Regent Antipatros
Kebalinos - brother of Nikomachos, reveals assassination plot
Kleitos - co-commander with Hephaistion after Philotas' death
Koinos - Macedonian General
Krateros - Alexander's highest ranking General at Baktria, new Regent
Kritodemos - physician to Alexander
Kyros - Great King of Persia
Leonnatos - Companion to Alexander who laughs at prostration
Mazaios - Satrap of Bablyon, sent to stop Alexander at Arbela
Medios - friend of Alexander's his final days at Babylon
Menestras - squire to Alexander
Metron - squire to Alexander
Nabarzanes - Commander in Chief of the cavalry
Neshi - Bagoas' Egyptian slave
Niarchos - Alexander's Naval Chief
Nikomachos - soldier forced into plot to assassinate Alexander
Obares - first client of Datis who gets to use Bagoas
Ochos - Artaxerxes III, King of Persia, murdered by Bagoas, succeded by Arses
Olympias (2) - Alexander's mother, orphaned daughter of Epiros king description
Omphis - first Indian king encountered, enemy of Poros
Onesikritos - Chief pilot of the Navy
Oromedon - Bagaos' teacher in etiquette at Susa
Orxines - named by Artemares betrayer of Bagoas' family
Oxathres - Darius's brother
Oxyartes - Sogdian chief, father of Roxane
Parmenion - Commander of Alexander's western armies, father of Philotas
Patron - commander of the Greek mercenaries under Darius
Perdikkas - Companion of Alexander
Peukestas - Companion to Alexander
Pharneuches - chief interpreter for Alexander
Philip (3) - Alexander's father, King of Macedon 359-336, description
Philippos - Alexander's physician
Philostratos - Bagoas's Greek teacher
Philotas - Parmenion's son, Alexander's bodyguard, heart of assassination plot
Phoinix (1) - nickname for Lysimachos, Philip's palace-guest, later tutor to Alexander
Ptolemy - General, Alexander's half-brother (Philip's son)
Roxane - Oxyartes's daughter, Histanes's sister, Alexander's wife
Satibarzanes - Satrap at Baktria
Sisygambis - Queen Mother of Persia (Darius's mother-in-law)
Sostratos - squire to Alexander, lover of Hermolaos
Spitamenes - one of Bessos's traitor lords
Stateira - Darius' duaghter, Alexander's Persian wife
Straton - soldier Alexander removes arrowhead from, in hospital with Bagoas
Thais - Ptolemy's girlfriend from Corinth
Thettalos - actor at Pella (see Mask of Apollo), lost to Athenodoros at Tyre
Tyriotes - the Queen's eunuch, sent to announce her death


Boukephalas - Oxhead, Alexander's horse
Lion - Bagoas' horse at Zadrakarta
Oryx - Alexander's birthday gift horse to Bagoas
Peritas - Alexander's deerhound
Tiger - Bagoas' horse at Susa

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Historical Overview

The Creation of Macedonian Power (Thomas Martin, Perseus Project)
1. Macedonian Monarchy
2. Macedonians and Greeks
3. The Ambitions of Philip II
4. Philip's Reorganization of the Macedonian Army
5. Philip and the Greeks
6. The Aftermath of the Battle of Chaeronea
7. Alexander's Rise to Power
8. Alexander's Hopes
9. The Attack on the Persian Empire
10. The Siege of Tyre
11. Alexander in Egypt
12. The Conquest of Persia
13. Alexander's March to the East
14. Alexander in Afghanistan and India
15. The Return of Alexander
16. Alexander's Last Plans
17. The Aims of Alexander
18. The Death of Alexander
19. The Effect of Alexander