Natural and Political OBSERVATIONS Mentioned in a following INDEX, and made upon the Bills of Mortality

Title; epistle dedicatory:  to John Lord Roberts, to Sir Robert Moray
An Index of Positions, Observations, and Questions contained in this Discourse.
The Preface
1  Of the Bills of Mortality, their beginning, and progress
2  General Observations upon the Casualties
3  Of Particular Casualties
4  Of the Plague
5  Other Observations upon the Plague, and Casualties
6  Of the Sickliness, Healthfulness, and Fruitfulness of Seasons
7  Of the difference between Burials, and Christnings
8  Of the difference between the numbers of Males, and Females
9  Of the growth of the City
10  Of the Inequality of Parishes
11  Of the number of Inhabitants
12  Of the Country Bills
The Conclusion
The Table of Casualties and other appended Tables
Advertisements for the better understanding of the several Tables

Stephan Dedication Graunt