A thematic session at the 1996 annual meeting of the Population Association of America (New Orleans 8-12 May) will be entitled Western Washington University's Contribution to Demography.

To celebrate this honor being bestowed on our program, I have translated John Graunt's Observations on the Bills of Mortality (1662 edition) into HyperText Markup Language for display on the World Wide Web, that students everywhere might have easy access to this seminal work.

My reference was the European Sociology  Reprint Edition of 1975, produced by the Arno Press Inc., New York, under the general editorship of Lewis A. Coser, reprinted from a copy in the University of Illinois Library.

I am pleased to dedicate this effort to the outstanding students it has been my extraordinary pleasure to know and work with. It is they who are making Western's contribution to the field.

Ed Stephan