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*   STUFF -- a potpourri of other web entanglements and miscellaneous stuff.

MY SAN FRANCISCO HOMES -- a montage of my living arrangements (those I can remember) when I lived in Baghdad by the Bay, 1957-65.

DEMOGALLERY -- a bunch of demographs which sociologists should know about (but seldom do).

AGING OF NATIONAL POPULATIONS -- these graphs show the aging of various nations between now and 2050. There are serious implications, but you won't hear Oprah (or the "news" or our politicians) discussing them..

MISSING PERSONS -- long list of people who I hope will be searching the web for references to themselves. If they find themselves here, I'd like to hear from them.

ASCII CODES -- This is a reference chart to show what characters are produced by what ascii codes in the &#xxx; format where x is a number. I made it the morning of 13 Apr 96.

HEX CODES -- I got tired of trying to figure out hex codes for colors, so I used 14 Sep 95 to make this chart. It follows the usual 256 color progression in, say, Canvas or GraphicConverter, but I think the arrangement is more logical. If you prefer less-logical (but with hex-decimal-pct equivalents), there's this. Here are full screen backgrounds. In Lynda's the 216 IBM-MAC colors are presented by hue (color) and value (darkness).

BIBLE BELTS -- What Yahweh thinks of demography, the true value of pi, how old the earth is: these and other conundrums are posed and resolved before your very eyes.

FOLKSONG DATA BASE -- very nice collection of well over 5000 songs. I contributed these (prudes would do well to avoid those with asterisks):

Blue Eyes | Blue-Tail Fly | Clementine* | Happy Trails | Red Wing*

MIT's NERD TEST -- My score (4 Nov 94) was 59.69% answering 464 questions. On 16 Jan 96 I tried the link there to the original test and it didn't work, so I tried a smaller 100 question version and scored 59 (not bad inter-test reliability). My score put me on the cusp of 40-60 ("Nerd!") and 60-80 ("YOU need some serious help").

GOLDEN RATIO -- Leonardo Fibonacci (1180-1250), the Italian mathematician who introduced Arabic notation to Europe in his "Liber Abaci" (1202), produced an interesting numerical series from a hypothetical rabbit fertility schedule. Division of subsequent terms in the series converges toward the golden ratio, of which I show (first time in the history of the world?) the first 10,000 digits. Read them aloud for a religious experience!