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*   OTHER STUFF -- no organization, little description, just fun

Yahoo Picks - what's new?
KGO Online - my favorite SF radio station (at night anyway)
Shatner Rocks - formerly James T. Kirk Singalong - "Lucy in the Sky" never sounded so good?
The Remedi Project - hard to describe; fantastic use of webspace by various artists
CDnow - pretty nifty site for CD purchases
STOMP - One of the best shows I ever attended; great web site, too
FBI's Ten Most Wanted - find your friends quickly and easily
RMS Titanic: Her Passengers and Crew - very thorough site
National Enquirer - enquiring minds want to know; Weekly World News, more garbage
Capitol Steps - D.C. singing group, funny stuff
Rolling Stone - great site (what did I expect?), has hundreds of sound clips
TV Guide Covers - you can email them, too
General Washington's Negro Body-Servant - one of the funniest things Mark Twain wrote (read it slowly)
Fenimore Cooper's Literary Offenses - very funny Twain piece
Calendar Zone - everything about calendars
WW II Poster Art - National Archives' exhibit; pretty cool
Grossology - boogers and diarrhea: what could be more fun than that?
Trendy Magic - great card trick, "mysterious rabbit" (can you explain it?)
Yesterday USA - streamed oldtime radio
Make Your Own Jumbles - and find solutions
RetroActive - nice site, includes old-fashioned postcards for e-mailing
Astronomy Picture of the Day - cool pictures, brief commentaries
WPA Life History Project - lots of interesting stories, circa 1935
A Word A Day -- I haven't seen "catamite", "haecceity" or "perineum" yet
Gallery of Regrettable Food - very funny site: gag me foods
Electric Postcard -- a little more involved than e-mail, nice treat once in a while.
Jack Daniel's - they'll pour you one
The Pat Pack - website maintained by fans of the Pat Cashman Show.
SpamCam - watch rotting spam experiments
Translation - see your webpages in French, German, Spanish
Internet Tourbus Archive - lots of helpful 'net info
Internet Country Abbreviations -- what country is referred to by my initials, ES? (it's not Estonia)
Webmonkey HTML reference - much good websutff here
How to Tie Knots
Executive Pay Watch - AFL-CIO's nifty monitor
Campus Tours - visit 'em all
Red Square - current view of WWU's central plaza
Web Design Group - lots of great pages about webpage techniques
Digital Tool Group - HTML, Java, Perl, etc.
Matt's Script Archive - CGI scripts, etc.
NPR - our local station dumped Performance Today so this is my ONLY contact
Phone Spell - what does your phone number spell?
Signal Flags - More Flags
R.E.M. - my favorite group
Crossword Puzzle - from USA Today
Anonymizer - anonymous websurfing
Bibliofind - a great way to search for new/used books!
Earth and Moon Viewer - pick your spaceship view
Grafica Obscura - some fascinating things to see and make
Achie McPhee - rubber chickens, snot buckets, etc.
The BIGGER Big Cats Info Page - and no African tigers!
Bad Astronomy - explode some myths. neat site.
Ye Olde English Sayings - some interesting phrase origins
Levis Strauss & Co - nice site.
Hyperhistory - pretty snazzy timeline work
Compendium of HTML elements - very complete
Jim Henson Company - muppets galore!
Late Show - Letterman's top ten
PFLAG - Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays
yahoo Seattle
Information Please Almanac and more!