Index Item: McGroarty (Repr), John Steven
Ja 18, 1:4, 19:2 Comments on Roosevelt's social security plan
Mr 19, 20:3 Ed on Repr McGroarty's bill
Ap 14, 12:1 Introduces modification of old-age Ins clause in soc security bill
Ap 17, 19:3 defends Townsend plan in House discussion
Ja 9, 17:2 Overcoat stolen
Ja 12, 17:2 Says backers of Townsend pension plan have agreed to offer program as amendment to some other measure
F 21, 1:4 Dr. Townsend rejects natl ticket plan
F 23, 2:4 defends salaries paid to Townsend plan workers
Mr 18, 10:4 Nominal Pres candidate of Calif Dem Townsend plan slate of candidates for delegates to natl convention
Mr 22, 39:2 Townsend men split over his candidacy
Mr 24, 2:4 Says Dr F E Townsend's support of Borah for Pres assures his nomination
Mr 29, IV, 12:1 connection with Townsend plan cited in article by D Aikman
Mr 30, 8:3 comments on movement
Mr 31, 1:2 resigns from movement; split over politics
Mr 31, 19:6 Proposed as poet laureate of U S in Repr Monaghan's bill
Ap 1, 1:4 Opposes Townsend bond plan
Ap 1, 24:1 ed
Ap 3, 22:7 Lr on proposed appptmt [sic] as poet laureate of U S
Ap 4, 5:1 Predicts election gains by Townsendite Reprs
Ap 5, IV, 12:1 Article by D Aikman on Townsend Plan rifts (por)
Ap 12, 6:1 Townsend, in radio s, says cause is strengthened by McGroarty's withdrawal
My 3, 37:2 Nominal Pres candidate of Townsend slate of candidates to Dem Natl Convention
My 10, IV, 6:4 Comment on Calif primary vote
My 27, 2:2 Testifies at House com hearing on Townsend plan; condemns methods of raising funds
Jl 30, 18:2 Ed on support of J Lee in Okla Sen campaign
Mr 7, VI, 2:3 On Cong support of J H Hoeppel's clemency petition in West Point case
Je 14, 5:2 Vote tabulation of N Y, N J and Conn on McGroarty bill increasing area [of Yosemite - maybe three other citations]