[1936 Ma. 30, 8:3]


'Inquisition' Will Not Find Any-
thing, for There Is Nothing
to Hide, He Says.

WASHINGTON, March 29 (AP).—Dr. F. E. Townsend, leader of the old age pension organization, arrived in Washington today from Los Angeles. It was expected that he would appear at the Congressional inquiry into the Townsend movement, Wednesday, w hen Robert E. Clements, co-founder of the pension plan who recently resigned as national secretary, will resume his testimony before the House investigating committee.
  Cr. Townsend said that he regarded the inquiry as an "inquisition."
  "they won't find anything because there is nothing to hide," he said. "If we had anything to cover up the Postoffice Department or the Department of Justice would have found it."
  A prediction that membership in the Townsend organization would be doubled as a result of the Congressional inquiry was made today by Representative McGroarty, Democrat of California.
  Mr. McGroarty, sponsor of legislation which would make the Townsend plan into law, said that "The movement is growing daily and is so determined that even if some dissatisfaction of administration develops from the inquiry, the movement will conti nue to spread."
  At the same time, he offered his services as an arbitrator of differences between Dr. Townsend and Mr. Clements.
  "I would be very glad if a reconciliation could be effected," said Mr. McGroarty. "The sentiment of the rank and file in the organization is that they don't like this split."