[1936 Ap. 1, 24:1, editorial]
    One constant characteristic of Dr. TOWNSEND'S movement for old-age pensions has been its strong emotional and semi-religious communicative enthusiasm. Meetings usually began with the singing of humns. The nuber of old retired clergymen and school teachers was noticeable. Not since the Populist mania of the Nineties has there been so much congregational singing, such devotion to a sort of economic and financial theology. The epoch of schismatics and backsliders has begun. A question of methods has divided Mr. CLEMENTS from Dr. TOWNSEND.
    Now Representative JOHN STEVEN MCGROARTY, poet laureate of California, journalist, scholar, altruist, renounces the doctor as a heretic. Mr. MCGROARTY has done his best in Congress for the Townsendian doctrines. The founder is false to them. He has gone back on the tax on all transactions, that hen that was to lay the golden eggs illimitable. Mr. MCGROARTY is an old believer. His Old Age Pension Bill is inprinciple the sincere milk of Townsendism. The doctor fell into heretical pravity. He has left the true faith. He has even joined the deveil-worshipers who put their trust in tax-excempt bonds. What does the flock think of this deflection, this wandering into error, this betrayal, as it seems to Mr. MCGROARTY? Does the great congregation want the old creed or the new? Is the church to be split into sects? The founder-saint turned schismatic is one of the most curious curiosities of this singular crusade into topsy-turvydom.