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A Sociology Timeline from 1600
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1620 Apr 24 John GRAUNT born London
1623 May 26 William PETTY born Hampshire
1632 Aug 29 John LOCKE born Wrington, Somerset
1632 Nov 24 Benedict (or Baruch) SPINOZA born Amsterdam
1642 Thomas HOBBES: De Cive, Aubrey's 'Life'
1651 Thomas HOBBES:Leviathan
1662 John GRAUNT: Observations on the Bills of Mortality
1668 Jun 23 Giambattista VICO born Naples
1670 SPINOZA: A Theologico-Political Treatise
1670 Bernard MANDEVILLE born Dordrecht, Holland
1671 SHAFTESBURY (Anthony Ashley Cooper, 3rd Earl) born
1674 Apr 18 John GRAUNT died
1676 William PETTY: Political Arithmetick
1677 Feb 21 Baruch SPINOZA died
1677 SPINOZA: Ethics
1677 SPINOZA: On the Improvement of the Understanding
1679 Dec 4 Thomas HOBBES died
1682 William PETTY: (Another) Essay on Political Arithmetick
1683 William PETTY: Observations on the Dublin Bills of Mortality
1685 Mar 12 George BERKELEY born Dublin
1687 Dec 16 William PETTY died
1689 Jan 18 Charles de Secondat, Baron de MONTESQUIEU born Château La Brède, near Bordeaux
1690 John LOCKE: Essay Concerning Human Understanding
1690 John LOCKE: Second Treatise on Government
1694 Francis HUTCHESON born
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1704 Oct 28 John LOCKE died
1710 BERKELEY: Treatise Concerning the Principles of Human Knowledge
1711 Apr 26 David HUME born Edinburgh; 2nd site
1711 SHAFTESBURY: Characteristicks of Men, Manners, Opinions, Times, Etc.
1712 Jean Jacques ROUSSEAU born in Geneva, Switzerland
1714 MANDEVILLE: The Fable of the Bees: or, Private Vises, Public Benefits
1721 MONTESQUIEU: Persian Letters
1723 Jun 5 Adam SMITH born Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland
1723 Jun 20 Adam FERGUSON born
1724 Immanuel KANT born Königsberg (Kaliningrad) , East Prussia
1726 John HOWARD born Enfield, England
1725 HUTCHESON: An Inquiry into the Origin of our Ideas of Beauty and Virtue
1727 May 10 Anne-Robert-Jacques TURGOT born Paris
1728 HUTCHESON: Essay on the Nature and Conduct of the Passions and Affections
1729 Jan 12 Edmund BURKE born Dublin
1733 Bernard MANDEVILLE died
1732 MANDEVILLE: An Enquiry into the Origin of Honour
1734 MONTESQUIEU: Considerations on the Causes of the Greatness of the Romans and their decline
1735 BERKELEY: The Querist
1737 Jan 29 Thomas PAINE born Thetford, Norfolk, Eng.
1739 HUME: Treatise on Human Nature
1743 Sep 17 Marie Jean Antoine Nicolas Caritat, Marquis de CONDORCET born Ribemont, France
1744 Jan 23 Giambattista VICO died
1746 Francis HUTHESON died Glasgow
1747 HUTCHESON: Short Inroduction to Moral Philosophy
1748 Feb 15 Jeremy BENTHAM born Houndsditch, London
1748 HUME: Philosophical Essays
1748 HUME: An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding text
1748 MONTESQUIEU: Spirit of Laws
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1750 ROUSSEAU: First Discourse
1751 HUME: Enquiry Concering the Principles of Morals
1751 ROUSSEAU: Discourses on the Sciences and the Arts
1753 Apr 1 Comte Joseph Marie de MAISTRE born
1754 Oct 2 Louis G. de BONALD born
1755 Feb 10 Charles de MONTESQUIEU died
1755 HUTCHESON: System of Moral Philosophy
1755 ROUSSEAU: A Discourse upon the Origin and Foundation of the Inequality Among Mankind (aka Second Discourse)
1756 Mar 3 William GODWIN born
1757 HUME: The Natural History of Religion
1759 Apr 27 Mary WOLLSTONECRAFT born London
1759 SMITH: Theory of Moral Sentiments, discussion of
1760 Oct 17 Claude Henri de Rouvroy, Comte de SAINT-SIMON born Paris
1762 ROUSSEU: Emile, a Treatise on Education
1762 ROUSSEAU: The Social Contract
1766 Feb 17 Thomas MALTHUS born
1766 TURGOT: Reflections on the Formation of Riches
1767 FERGUSON: An Essay on the History of Civil Society; a discussed
1770 Aug 27 Georg Frederick HEGEL born
1771 May 14 Robert OWEN born
1772 Apr 7 (François Marie) Charles FOURIER born
1775 Mar 8 PAINE: African Slavery in America
1776 Jan 10 PAINE: Common Sense
1776 BENTHAM: Fragment on Government
1776 SMITH: An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations
1777 Aug 25 David HUME died
1777HOWARD: The State of Prisons (description)
1779 HUME: Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion
1779 John MILLAR: The Origin of the Distinction of Ranks
1781 Mar 20 Jacques TURGOT died
1781 KANT: Critique of Pure Reason
1782-89 ROUSSEAU: Confessions
1784 KANT: Idea for a Universal History...
1784-91 Johann Gottfried von HERDER: Reflections on the Philosophy of the History of Mankind
1785 KANT: Grundlegung
1786 WOLLSTONECRAFT: Thoughts on the Education of Daughters (pamphlet)
1787 BENTHAM: Defense of Usury
1788 Feb 22 Arthur SCHOPENHAUER born
1788 KANT: Critique of Practical Reason
1789 BENTHAM: Introduction to the Principles of Morals and Legislation
1790 Jan 20 John HOWARD died, Kherson, Ukraine, Russia
1790 Mar 1 first United States census began
1790 Jul 17 Adam SMITH died
1790 United States conducts first regular census
1790 BURKE: Reflections on the Revolution in France
1790 WOLLSTONECRAFT: A Vindication Of The Rights Of Men (response to BURKE)
1792 FERGUSON: Pricniples of Moral and Political Science
1792 PAINE: The Rights of Man
1792 WOLLSTONECRAFT: Vindication of the Rights of Women
1793 Dec 15 Henry Charles CAREY born
1793 CONDORCET: Sketch for a Historical Picture of the Progress of the Human Mind
1793 GODWIN: Enquiry Concerning Political Justice
1794 Mar 29 Marie-Jean, Marquis de CONDORCET died
1795 Dec 4 Thomas CARLYLE born
1795 CONDORCET: History Essay on the Progress of Human Reason
1795 PAINE: The Age of Reason
1795 SMITH: Philosophical Essays
1795-1809 HEGEL: On Christianity: Early Theological writings
1796 Feb 22 Adolphe QUETELET born
1796 BONALD: Theory of Political and Religious Authority in Civil Society
1797 Mar 29 WOLLSTONECRAFT & GODWIN marry privately
1797 Sep 10 Mary WOLLSTONECRAFT died (Mary born Aug 30
1797 Jul 9 Edmund BURKE died
1797 MAISTRE: Considérations sur la France
1798 Jan 17 Auguste COMTE born (birth registered Jan 19)
1798 Jun 7MALTHUS: Essay on the Principle of Population
1798 GODWIN: Memoirs of Mary Wollstonecraft
1798 WOLLSTONECRAFT: Maria: or, The Wrongs of Woman
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1802 Jun 12 Harriet MARTINEAU born, Norwich, England
1804 Jul 28 Ludwig FEUERBACH born
1724 Immanuel KANT died Königsberg, East Prussia
1805 Jul 29 Alexis de TOCQUEVILLE born
1806 Apr 11 Fréderic LE PLAY born
1806 John Stuart MILL born
1806 Johann Gottlieb FICHTE: Characterstic of the Present Age
1807 HEGEL: The Phenomenology of Mind
1809 Feb 12Charles Robert DARWIN born, Shrewsbury, England
1809 Jun 8 Thomas PAINE died
1812-1816 HEGEL: Science of Logic
1813 SAINT-SIMON: Essay on Science of Man
1813 OWEN: A New View of Society
1814 MAISTRE: Essay on the Generative Principle of Political Constitutions
1814 SAINT-SIMON: The Reorganization of European Society
1816 Feb 22 Adam FERGUSON died
1816 Jul 14 Arthur de GOBINEAU born
1817 HEGEL: Encyclopedia of Philosophy
1817 RICARDO: Principles of Political Economy
1818 (Mary WOLLSTONECRAFT) Shelley: Frankenstein
1818 May 5 Karl MARX born
1818 Nov 21 Lewis Henry MORGAN born
1818 SCHOPENHAUER: The World as Will and Idea
1818-31 HEGEL teaches in Berlin
1820 Apr 27 Herbert SPENCER born
1820 Nov 28 Friedrich ENGELS born, Barmen, Germany
1820 MALTHUS: Principles of Political Economy
1821 Feb 26 Comte Joseph Marie de MAISTRE died
1821 Nov 21 Henry T. BUCKLE born
1821 HEGEL: The Philosophy of Right
1821 James MILL: Principles of Political Economy
1822 Feb 16 Francis GALTON born
1822 COMTE: Plan of the Scientific Operations Necessary for Reorganizing Society
1823-33 Utilitarian Society flourishes in Britain
1825 May 19 Henri de SAINT-SIMON died
1825 SAINT-SIMON: New Christianity
1825-35 Saint-Simonians flourish in France
1826 Feb 3 Walter BAGEHOT born
1830-42 COMTE: The Positive Philosophy (6 vols), 1830, 1835, 1838, 1839, 1841, 1842
1831 Feb 24 Albert SCHÄFFLE born
1831 Nov 14 Georg Frederick HEGEL died
1831DARWIN: sails on the H.M.S. Beagle
1832 Jun 6 Jeremy BENTHAM died
1832 Oct 2 Edward B. TYLOR born
1832-4 MARTINEAU: Illustrations of Political Economy
1833 MARTINEAU: Poor Laws and Paupers
1833-43 Young Hegelians flourish in Germany
1834 Dec 23 Thomas MALTHUS died
1834 MARTINEAU: Illustrations of Taxation
1834 MARTINEAU settled in London, consulted by cabinent ministers
1834 Sep
-1836 Aug
MARTINEAU visits America, gives offense through abolitionist views
1835 CAREY: Essay on the Rate of Wages
1835 QUETELET: On Man and the Development of Human Faculties: An Essay on Social Physics
1835-40 TOCQUEVILLE: Democracy in America
1836 Apr 7 William GODWIN died
1837 Oct 10 (François Marie) Charles FOURIER died
1837 CARLYLE: French Revolution
1837 HEGEL: The Philosophy of History
1837 MARTINEAU: Society in America || note
1837-1840 CAREY: Principles of Political Economy
1838 Mar 9 Ludwig GUMPLOWICZ born
1840 Nov 23 Louis G. de BONALD died
1840 PROUDHON: What is Property?
1841 Jun 18 Lester Frank WARD born
1841 CARLYLE: On Heroes
1841 FEUERBACH: The Essence of Christianity
1842 Jan 11 William JAMES born
1842 May 5 MARX writes first article for Rheinische Zeitung
1842 FEUERBACH: Preparatory Theses on the Reform of Philosophy
1842 SPENCER: "The Proper Sphere of Government," The Nonconformist
1842 Lorenz von STEIN: Socialism and Communism in France
1843 Mar 12 Gabriel TARDE born
1843 FEUERBACH: Principles of the Philosophy of the Future
1843 MARX: Critique of Hegel's Philosophy of Right
1843 J.S. MILL: System of Logic
1844 Oct 15 Friedrich Wilheim NIETZSCHE born
1844 FEUERBACH: The Essence of Religion
1844 MARX: Contribution to the Critique of Hegel'S Philosophy of Law
1844 ENGELS: Outlines of a Critique of Political Economy
1844 ENGELS: Review of Thomas Carlyle's Past and Present
1844-5 MARX: The Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts of 1844
1845 MARTINEAU settles at Ambleside in English Lake District
1844 MARX: Theses on Feuerbach
1845-55 Positivist Society flourishes in France
1845-46 MARX: The German Ideology
1847 ENGELS: The Principles of Communism
1847 MARX: The Poverty of Philosophy
1848 Jul 15 Vilfredo PARETO born
1848 CAREY: The Past, the Present, and the Future
1848 MARTINEAU: Eastern Life, Present and Past (expounds philosophical atheism)
1848 MARX: Communist Manifesto
1848 J.S. MILL: Principles of Political Economy
1849 Sep 26Ivan Petrovich PAVLOV born, Ryazan, Russia [Sep 14 Old style]
1849 MARTINEAU: History of England During the Thirty Years' Peace 1816-46
1849 MARX: Wage-Labor and Capital
18501600 | 1700 | 1750 | 1800 | 1850 | 1900 | 1950 |
1850 ENGELS: The Peasants' War in Germany
1850 MARX and ENGELS: England's 17th c. Revolution
1850 MARX: The Class Struggle in France, 1848 to 1850
1850 SPENCER: Social Statics
1850 Lorenz von STEIN: The History of the Social Movement in France, 1789-1850
1851 CAREY: The Harmony of Interests
1851 MARTINEAU: Letters on the Laws of Man's Nature and Development (agnostic views which aliented her friends)
1851-1854 COMTE: System of Positive Polity (4 vols)
1852 MARX: The Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte
1852 Aug 23Arnold TOYNBEE born (sociologist uncle of THE Arnold Toynbee)
1853 CAREY: The Slave Trade, Domestic and Foreign: Why it Exists and How it May be Extinguished
1853 MARTINEAU translates and extensively edits Comte's Positive Philosophy
1853-5 GOBINEAU: Essay on the Inequality of Human Races
1854 May 11 Albion Woodbury SMALL born, Buckfield, Maine
1855 Mar 23 Franklin H. GIDDINGS born
1855 Achille GUILLARD coins "demographie"
1855 Jul 26 Ferdinand TOENNIES born near Oldenswort, Schleswig
1855 LE PLAY: The European Workers, (6 vols)
1856 May 6 Sigmund FREUD born
1856 TOCQUEVILLE: Old Regime
1857 Mar 23Karl PEARSON born, London, England
1857 Jul 30 Thorstein VEBLEN born
1857 Sep 5 Auguste COMTE died
1857-61 BUCKLE: The History of Civilization in England
1857 MARX: Pre-Capitalist Economic Formations
1857-8 MARX: Grundrisse: Foundations of the Critique of Political Economy
1858 Mar 1 Georg SIMMEL born
1858 Apr 1 Gaetano MOSCA born, Palermo, Sicily
1858 Apr 15 (David) Emile DURKHEIM born
1858 Jul 9Franz BOAS born, Minden, Westphalia, Prussia [Germany]
1858 Nov 17 Robert OWEN died
1858-1860 CAREY: The Principles of Social Science
1859 Apr 16 Alexis de TOCQUEVILLE died
1859DARWIN: The Origin of Species
1859 MARX: A Contribution to the Critique of Political Economy
1859 J.S. MILL: On Liberty
1860 Sep 6 Jane ADDAMS born, Cedarville IL
1860 Sep 21 Arthur SCHOPENHAUER died
1861 Henry Sumner MAINE: Ancient Law
1862 May 29 Henry T. BUCKLE died
1862 SPENCER: First Principles text version
1863 Jan 19 Werner SOMBART born, Ermsleben, Saxony, Prussia
1863 Aug 13 William Isaac THOMAS born
1863 Feb 27 George Herbert MEAD born
1864 Apr 21 Max WEBER born
1864 Aug 17 Charles Horton COOLEY born
1864 Feb 14 Robert Ezra PARK born
1864 Fustel de COULANGES: The Ancient City
1864 LE PLAY: Social Reform in France (3 vols)
1864 SPENCER: Reason for Dissenting from the Politivist Philosphy of M. Comte
1864-67 SPENCER: Principles of Biology (2 vols)
1865 Mar 19Joseph WHEELER born, Milwaukee WI
1865 GOBINEAU: The Religions and Philosophies of Central Asia
1865 MARX: Value, Price, and Profit
1865 J.S. MILL: Auguste Comte and Positivism
1867-8 MARX: Capital (vol I)
1868 Feb 23 (William Edward Burghardt) W.E.B. du BOIS born, Great Barrington, Massachusetts
1869 GALTON: Hereditary Genius
1869 RENOUVIER: Science of Ethics
1870-72 SPENCER: Principles of Psychology (2 vols)
1871 Mar 5"Blutige (Bloody)" Rosa LUXEMBURG born, Zamoshc, Poland
1871DARWIN: The Descent of Man
1871 GALTON: A Statistical Enquiry into the Efficacy of Prayer
1871 MARX: The Civil War in France
1871 LE PLAY: Organization of the Family
1871 TYLOR: Primitive Culture
1872 Sep 13 Ludwig FEUERBACH died
1872 DARWIN: Expressions of the Emotions in Man and Animals
1872 BAGEHOT: Physics and Politics
1872 CAREY: The Unity of Law
1872 LE PLAY: Organization of Labor
1872 John Stuart MILL died
1873 SPENCER: Study of Sociology
1873-81 LILIENFELD: Ideas about the Social Sciences of the Future, (5 vols)
1874 Feb 17 Adolphe QUETELET died
1874 GALTON: English Men of Science
1875 GUMPLOWICZ: Race and State
1875 MARX: Critique of the Gotha Program
1875-78 SCHÄFFLE: Structure and Life of the Social Body (4 vols)
1876-8 ENGELS: The Part Played by Labour in the Transition From Ape to Man
1876 Jan 9Robert MICHELS born, Cologne
1876 Jun 11Alfred Louis KROEBER born, Hoboken NJ
1876 Jun 13William Sealey GOSSET ("Student") born, Canterbury, England
1876 Jun 27Harriet MARTINEAU died, near Ambleside, England
1876-96 SPENCER: Principles of Sociology (3 vols: 76, 82, 96)
1877 Mar 24 Walter BAGEHOT died
1877 ENGELS: Anti-Dühring
1877 MARTINEAU: Autobiographical Memoir
1877 MORGAN: Ancient Society
1879 Jun 3Raymond PEARL born, Farmington NH
1879 Oct 13 Henry Charles CAREY died
1879-93 SPENCER: Principles of Ethics (2 vols)
1880 May 29 Oswald SPENGLER born
1880 ENGELS: Socialism: Utopian and Scientific
1880 FOUILLEE: Contemporary Social Science
1881 Dec 17 Lewis Henry MORGAN died
1881 Feb 5 Thomas CARLYLE died
1881 LE PLAY: Essential Constitution of Humanity
1882 Apr 5 Fréderic LE PLAY died
1882 Apr 17 Robert M. MACIVER born
1882 Apr 19 Charles Robert DARWIN died, Down, Kent, England
1882 Oct 13 Arthur de GOBINEAU died
1883 Mar 14 Karl MARX died
1883 Francis GALTON: Inquiries into human faculty and its development
1883 GUMPLOWICZ: Race Struggle
1883 SUMNER: What the Social Classes Owe to Each Other
1883 WARD: Dynamic Sociology (2 vol)
1883 Mar 9Arnold TOYNBEE died (sociologist uncle of THE Arnold Toynbee)
1884 Jan 26Edward SAPIR born, Lauenburg, Pomerania, Germany
1884 Apr 7Bronislaw Kasper MALINOWSKI born, Krakow, Poland
1884 May 23Corrado GINI born, Motta de Livenza, Treviso, Italy
1884 ENGELS: The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State
1884 TOYNBEE: Lectures on The Industrial Revolution in England
1884 SPENCER: The Man versus the State
1885 Jun 5Warder Clyde ALLEE born, near Bloomingdale IN
1885 GUMPLOWICZ: Outline of Sociology
1885 MARX: Capital, Vol. II (post.)
1886 Jan 14Alexander Morris Carr-Saunders born, Reigate, Surrey, England
1886 Jun 29 William Fielding OGBURN born
1886 May 16 Ernest Watson BURGESS born
1886 Achille LORIA: Economic Foundations of Society
1887 Jun 5Ruth BENEDICT born, New York NY
1887 Karl KAUTSKY: The Economic Doctrines of Karl Marx
1887 TOENNIES: Gemeinschaft und Gesellschaft
1889 Jan 21 Pitirim SOROKIN born
1889 Apr 14 Arnold Joseph TOYNBEE born in London
1889ADDAMS founds Hull House settlement in Chicago
1889 Franz BOAS: The Aims of Ethnology
1889 Francis GALTON: Natural inheritance.
1890 Feb 17Ronald Aylmer FISHER born, London, England
1890 FOUILLEE: The Evolution of Idea-Forces
1890 William JAMES: Principles of Psychology
1890 MARSHALL: Principles of Economics
1890 TARDE: Laws of Imitation
1891 Georg SIMMEL: On Social Differentiation
1892 DURKHEIM: Montesquieu - Quid Secundatus Politicae Scientiae Instituendae Contulerit (latin thesis)
1892 SMALL: First Sociology Department (University of Chicago
1892 PEARSON: Grammar of Science
1892 George SIMMEL: Problems of the Philosophy of History
1893 DURKHEIM: On the Division of Labor in Society
1893 FOUILLEE: The Psychology of Idea-Forces
1893 Jacques NOVICOW: The Struggles between Human Societies and Their Necessary Phases
1893 RATZENHOFER: Nature and End of Politics
1893 WARD: Psychic Factors of Civilization
1894 Benjamin KIDD: Social Evolution
1894 MARX: Capital, Vol III (post.)
1894 SMALL: first textbook in Sociology
1894 SUMNER: The Absurd Effort to Make the the World Over
1894 TARDE: Social Logic
1895 DURKHEIM: Rules of Sociological Method
1895 Aug 5 Friedrich ENGELS died, London, England
1895 Oct 3George A. LUNDBERG born, Fairdale, North Dakota
1896W.E.B. du BOIS receives Ph.D., Harvard, dissertation: The Suppression of the African Slave Trade; becomes instructor of Sociology, the University of Pennsylvania
1896W.E.B. du BOIS: The Philadelphia Negro [first sociological analysis of African Americans in the US]
1896 Gustav Le BON: The Crowd: A Study of the Popular Mind
1896 John DEWEY: The Reflex Arc Concept in Psychology
1896 GIDDINGS: Principles of Sociology
1896 WEBER: The Agrarian Sociology of Ancient Civilizations
1896 Rene WORMS: Organism and Society
1897 Apr 24Benjamin Lee WHORF born, Winthrop MA
1897 Jun 2Norbert ELIAS born, Breslau, Germany (Wroclaw, Poland)
1897 Aug 28Louis WIRTH born, Gemunden, Germany
1897 DURKHEIM: Suicide
1897 PARETO: Course in Political Economy
1897 TARDE: Universal Opposition
1898 Jul 19Herbert MARCUSE born, Berlin, Germany
1898 John DEWEY: Evolution and Ethics
1898-00 DURKHEIM: Professional Ethics and Civic Morals
1898 GIDDINGS: Elements of Sociology
1898 KAUTSKY: The Agrarian Problem
1898 RATZENHOFER: Sociological Studies
1898 TARDE: Social Laws
1898 WARD: Outline of Sociology
1899 Eduard BERNSTEIN: Evolutionary Socialism: a Criticism and Affirmations
1899 CHAMBERLAIN: The Foundations of the Nineteenth Century
1899 COSTE: Principles of Objective Sociology
1899 DURKHEIM: Collective and Individual Representations
1899 VEBLEN: Theory of the Leisure Class
19001600 | 1700 | 1750 | 1800 | 1850 | 1900 | 1950 |
1900 Mar 23Erich FROMM born, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
1900 Aug 25 Friedrich Wilheim NIETZSCHE died
1900 COSTE: Expriences of the Peoples
1900 DURKHEIM: Two Laws of Penal Evolution
1900Stuart C. DODD born
1900 FREUD: The Interpretation of Dreams
1900 Karl PEARSON: The grammar of science
1900 George SIMMEL: Philosophy of Money
1901 Feb 13 Paul Felix LAZARSFELD born, Vienna, Austria
1901 Nov 18George Horace GALLUP born, Jefferson IA
1901 Nov 19 Karl PEARSON: National life from the standpoint of science
1901 Dec 16Margaret MEAD born, Philadelphia PA
1902 Dec 13 Talcott PARSONS born
1902 COOLEY: Human Nature and Social Order
1902-03 DURKHEIM: Moral Education
1902 KAUTSKY: The Social Revolution
1902 LENIN: What is to be done?
1903 Dec 8 Herbert SPENCER died
1903 Dec 25 Albert SCHÄFFLE died
1903 WARD: Pure Sociology
1903 du BOIS: The Souls of Black Folk
1904 May 13 Gabriel TARDE died
1904 PARK: The Crowd and the Public
1904 SPENCER: An Autobiography (2 vols)
1904 VEBLEN: The Theory of Business Enterprise
1904 WEBER: Objectivity in Social Science & Social Policy
1904 Sep-Dec WEBER visits United States (St. Louis Exposition)
1905 SMALL: General Sociology
1906 HOBHOUSE: Morals in Evolution
1906 SCHÄFFLE: Outline of Sociology
1906 SUMNER: Folkways
1906 WARD: Applied Sociology
1906 WEBER: The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism
1907 William JAMES: Pragmatism
1907 WEBER: Critique of Stammler
1908 Aug 20Kingsley DAVIS born, Tuxedo TX
1908 RATZENHOFER: Sociology
1908 SIMMEL:Soziologie
1909 Aug 19 Ludwig GUMPLOWICZ died
1909 COOLEY: Social Organization
1909 THOMAS: Source Book of Social Origins
1910 Jul 5 Robert King MERTON born, Philadelphia PA
1910 Aug 26 William JAMES died
1910WHEELER: Ants: Their Structure, Development, and Behavior
1911 Jan 17 Francis GALTON died
1911 DURKHEIM: Judgments of Reality and Judgments of Value
1912 DURKHEIM: Elementary Forms of Religious Life
1912 GINI: Demographic Factors in the Evolution of Nations
1913 Apr 18 Lester Frank WARD died
1913 MEAD: The Social Self
1914-30 Karl PEARSON: The life, letters and labours of Francis Galton
1915 Robert MICHELS: Political Parties
1915 PARETO: General Treatise on Sociology
1916 Aug 28 C. Wright MILLS born
1916LENIN: Imperialism, The Highest Stage of Capitalism
1916 WEBER: The Religion of China
1916-7 WEBER: The Religion of India
1917 Jan 2 Edward B. TYLOR died
1917 Nov 15 Emile DURKHEIM died
1917-9 WEBER: Ancient Judaism
1918 Sep 26 Georg SIMMEL died
1918 COOLEY: Social Process
1918-21 THOMAS & ZNANIECKI: The Polish Peasant in Europe and America (5 vols)
1919 Jan 15"Blutige (Bloody)" Rosa LUXEMBURG died, Berlin, Germany
1919 SOROKIN: System of Sociology (2 vols)
1919 A.J. TOYNBEE: delegate to Paris Peace Conference
1919 John B. WATSON: Psychology from the Standpoint of a Behaviorist
1920 Jun 14 Max WEBER died
1921 Dec 2Otis Dudley DUNCAN born, Nocona TX
1921 Martin BUBER: I and Thou
1921 BURGESS: The Science of Sociology (w/ Park)
1921 PARK: (w/ Burgess) An Introduction to the Science of Sociology
1921SAPIR: Language: an Introduction to the Study of Speech
1921 WEBER: The City
1922 Mar 18Seymour Martin LIPSET born, New York NY
1922CARR-SAUNDERS: The Population Problem
1922 John DEWEY: Human Nature and Conduct
1922 Robert PARK: The immigrant press and its control
1822 RADCLIFFE-BROWN: The Andaman Islanders
1922 WEBER: Economy and Society (2 vols)
1923 Karl MANNHEIM: On the interpretation of Weltanschauung
1923 William F. OGBURN: Social change with respect to culture and original nature
1923 Aug 20 Vilfredo PARETO died
1923 LUKACS: History and Class Consciousness
1923 MEAD: "Scientific Method and the Moral Sciences"
1923 OGBURN: Social Change
1923 THOMAS: The Unadjusted Girl
1923WHEELER: Social Life Among the Insects
1924 Max SCHELER (1874-28): Essays toward a Sociology of Knowledge
1924 MEAD: "The Genesis of the Self and Social Control"
1924 SMALL: Origins of Sociology
1925 BURGESS: The City (w/ Park)
1925LOTKA: Elements of Physical Biology
1925 Karl MANNHEIM: The Problem of a Sociology of Knowledge
1926 Mar 24 Albion Woodbury SMALL died
1926 May 12James Samuel COLEMAN born, Bedford IN
1926-8 SPENGLER: The Decline of the West (2 vols)
1927 John DEWEY: The Public and its Problems
1927 SOROKIN: Social Mobility
1928 William F. OGBURN: American marriage and family relationships [w/ Ernest Rutherford Groves]
1928 SOROKIN: Contemporary Sociological Theories
1928 THOMAS: The Child in America
1928 WIRTH: The Ghetto
1929 Aug 3 Thorstein VEBLEN died
1929 May 8 Charles Horton COOLEY died
1930 COOLEY: Sociological Theory and Social Research
1931 Apr 26 George Herbert MEAD died
1931 Jun 11 Franklin H. GIDDINGS died
1931ALLEE: Animal Aggregations
1933 OGBURN: Recent Social Trends in the United States
1933W.S. THOMPSON and P.K. WHELPTON: Population Trends in the United States
1934BENEDICT: Patterns of Culture
1934 William F. OGBURN: You and machines
1935 May 21Jane ADDAMS died, Chicago IL
1935 Houston Stuart CHAPIN: Contemporary American Institutions
1935-61 TOYNBEE: A Study of History (12 vols)
1936 Feb 27Ivan Petrovich PAVLOV died, Leningrad [St. Petersburg]
1936 TOENNIES: Introduction to Sociology
1936 Apr 9 Ferdinand TOENNIES died, Kiel, Germany
1936 Apr 27Karl PEARSON died, London, England
1936 May 3 Robert MICHELS died, Rome
1936 May 8 Oswald SPENGLER died
1936 OGBURN: The Social Effects of Aviation
1936 TOENNIES: Introduction to Sociology
1936 WIRTH: Ideology and Utopia (w/ Mannheim)
1937 Apr 19Joseph WHEELER died, Cambridge MA
1937 Oct 16William Sealey GOSSET (Student's t-test) died, Beaconsfield, England
1937 PARSONS: Structure of Social Action
1937-41 SOROKIN: Social and Cultural Dynamics (4 vols)
1938ALLEE: The Social Life of Animals
1939 Feb 4Edward SAPIR died, New Haven CT
1939 Sep 23 Sigmund FREUD died
1939 Dec 27 Ed STEPHAN born, Los Angeles CA
1939 LUNDBERG: Foundations of Sociology
1939PEARL: The Natural History of Population
1939ELIAS: The Civilizing Process
1940 Nov 17Raymond PEARL died, Hershey PA
1940 OGBURN: Sociology (w/ Nimkoff)
1941 Mar 18 Werner SOMBART died, Berlin, Germany
1941 Jul 26Benjamin Lee WHORF died, Wethersfield CT
1941 Nov 8 Gaetano MOSCA died, Rome, Italy
1942 May 16Bronislaw Kasper MALINOWSKI died, New Haven CT
1942 Dec 22Franz BOAS died, New York NY
1942 DODD: Dimensions of Society
1943 William F. OGBURN: American society in wartime
1943 SOROKIN: Sociocultural Causality, Time and Space
1944 Feb 7 Robert Ezra PARK died
1945 BURGESS: Predicting Success or Failure in Marriage (w/ L Cottrell, Jr.)
1945 BURGESS: The Family (w/ H. Locke)
1945 Gladys BRYSON: Man and Society: the Scottish Inquiry of the Eighteenth Century
1947 Dec 5 William Isaac THOMAS died
1947 LUNDBERG: Can Science Save Us?
1947Nicholas RASHEVSKY: Mathematical Theory of Human Relations
1947 SOROKIN: Society, Culture and Personality
1948 Sep 17Ruth BENEDICT died, New York NY
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1948 MILLS: The new men of power, America's labor leaders
1949 George ZIPF: Human behavior and the principle of least effort; an introduction to human ecology
1949 OGBURN: Technology and International Relations
1949 PARSONS: Essays in Sociological Theory, Pure and Applied
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1950 Amos HAWLEY: Human ecology; a theory of community structure.
1950 James A. QUINN: Human Ecology
1950 George Casper HOMANS: The Human Group
1950 PARK: Race and Culture
1951 Rosa LUXEMBURG: The Accumulation of Capital
1951 MILLS: White Collar
1951 PARSONS: The Social System
1951 PARSONS: Toward a General Theory of Action
1951 THOMAS: Social Behavior and Personality
1952 May 3 Louis WIRTH died, Buffalo, NY
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1952 PARK: Human Communnities
1953 MILLS: Character and social structure: the psychology of social institutions [w/ Hans Gerth
1954 Lewis COSER: The Functions of Social Conflict
1954 Amos HAWLEY: Papers in demography and public administration
1954 MILLS: Mass Society and Liberal Education
1955 Mar 18 Warder Clyde ALLEE died, Gainesville FL
1955 PARK: Society
1955 PARSONS: Family, Socialization and Interaction Process
1956 MILLS: The Power Elite
1956 Ralf DAHRENDORF: Class and Class Conflict in Industrial Society
1958 MILLS: The causes of World War Three
1959 DAVIS: "The myth of functional analysis" ASR
1959 MILLS: The Sociological Imagination
1959 Apr 27 William Fielding OGBURN died
1960 Oct 5Alfred Louis KROEBER died, Paris, France
1960 MILLS: Images of Man; the classic tradition in sociological thinking
1960 MILLS: Listen Yankee: The Revolution in Cuba
1961 HOMANS: Social Behavior: Its Elementary Forms
1962 MILLS: The Marxists
1962 Mar 20 C. Wright MILLS died
1962 Jul 29Ronald Aylmer FISHER died, Adelaide, Australia
1962 V.C. WYNNE-EDWARDS: Animal Dispersion in Relation to Social Behaviour
1963 Aug 27W.E.B. du BOIS dies, Accra, Ghana
1963 Aug 28W.E.B. du BOIS eulogized by Martin Luther King, Jr., as the March on Washington begins
1963 MILLS: Power, politics, and people; the collected essays of C. Wright Mills [Edited I.L. Horowitz]
1964 Peter M. BLAU: Exchange and Power in Social Life
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1964 MILLS: The new sociology; essays in social science and social theory, in honor of C. Wright Mills.
1964 MILLS: Sociology and pragmatism: the higher learning in America [Edited I.L. Horowitz]
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1965 Mar 13Corrado GINI died, Rome
1965Ralph THOMLINSON: Population Dynamics
1965 George ZIPF: The psycho-biology of language; an introduction to dynamic philology.
1966 Oct 6Alexander Morris Carr-Saunders died, Thirmere, Cumberland, England
1966 Dec 27 Ernest Watson BURGESS died
1966 Apr 14George A. LUNDBERG died, Seattle, WA
1967 COSER: Continuities in the Study of Social Conflict
1967 HOMANS: The Nature of Social Science
1967 Alfred SCHUTZ: The Phenomenology of the Social World
1968 Feb 10 Pitirim SOROKIN died
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1969 BOGUE: Principles of Demography
1969 Herbert BLUMER: Symbolic Interactionism: Perspectives and Methods
1970 Jun 15 Robert M. MACIVER died
1970 Amos HAWLEY: The metropolitan community; its people and government [W/ Basil G. Zimmer]
1970 Robin WILLIAMS: American Society: A Sociological Interpretation
1971Henry S. SHRYOCK and Jacob S. SIEGEL: The Methods and Materials of Demography (2 vols)
1975 Oct 22Arnold Joseph TOYNBEE died
1976 Aug 30Paul Felix LAZARSFELD died, New York NY
1976 Nov 15Margaret MEAD died, New York NY
1979 May 8 Talcott PARSONS died
1979 Jul 29 Herbert MARCUSE died, Starnberg, Germany
1980 Mar 18Erich FROMM died, Muralto, Switzerland
1984 Jul 26George Horace GALLUP died, Tschingel, Switzerland
1985Roland PRESSAT: The Dictionary of Demography [French, 1979]
1986 Amos HAWLEY: Human ecology : a theoretical essay / Amos H. Hawley.
1990 Norbert ELIAS died, Amsterdam
1995 Mar 25James Samuel COLEMAN died, Chicago IL
1995 Aug 18 STEPHAN: The Division of Territory in Society