Tarzan and the Winged Invaders
This 1965 book, by Barton Werper, was unauthorized by ERB, Inc.;
it was taken off the market and remaining copies destroyed.

People(in order of appearance)
TARZAN of the Apes John Clayton, Lord Greystoke
Jane Clayton Lady Greystoke
Basuli Chief of Tarzan's Waziri warriors
Mazam a Waziri
M'Logo & Limbu Herdsmen on Tarzan's estate
Jonathan "Johnny" Waugh most famous white hunter in Africa
Norman Larkin Professor of Biology
Cynthia Larkin sister of Professor Larkin, fianc&eactue;e of Jackson
Mark Jackson Assistant to Professor Larkin
Great Apes Jedak (chief), Nendat(his mate), Chulk, Taglat, Kerchak, Tublat, Terkoz
Rhr-Ntrna a ruler, "queen" over the Chrkas
Chrkas nameless blood-sucking bat-like beings
Gomba a Mangani-speaking Waziri
Tantor an (the?) elephant, aids Tarzan
Summary — Book Blurb
Derby, Conn: Gold Star Books


For days, Tarzan found half-dead natives, the blood drained out of their veins. At first suspecting a secret voodoo ceremony, he soon discovers a reason even more horrible and fantastic — a race of highly-developed mutants, requiring a plasma nourishment, who return from the far future via time machines. Against this super intelligence, Tarzan pits his great apes and jungle cunning to save his captive wife, Jane, and the rest of our planet's inhabitants.
Chapters these are titles only (not online)
1 The Unexpected Guest
2 The Mystery Beast
3 The Long Search
4 The Beast Strikes
5 Tarzan to the Attack!
6 The Long Hunt
7 Another Ambush
8 The Ring of Death!
9 Tantor the Mighty!
10 Plan of Attack
11 Day and Night of Action
12 The Unexpected Happens
13 Rhr-Ntrna's Amusement
14 The Capture of Tarzan!
15 The Death of a Race!
16 End of the Trail

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