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NEW My visit with Johnny Sheffield NEW
SPECIAL Stellan Windrow - The First Movie Tarzan SPECIAL
Language of the Great Apes: Burroughs' Dictionary || A Vocabulary
Burroughs-Autographed Envelope with Tarzana Cancel
Images from Burne Hogarth's Tarzan of the Apes
Philip José Farmer's Chronology of events in the life of Tarzan
Alphabetical List of all the Characters in all the ERB Tarzan Novels
The Original All-Story Cover
Tarzan in the Non-Tarzan Comic Strips
my in memoriam Maureen O'Sullivan

Matt Winans’ Jungle Pages

Tarzan Movie Guide
Bomba the Jungle Boy Movie Guide
Jungle Jim Movie Guide
Tarzan on Television
Jungle Miscellany

Other Tarzan Web Pages
last updated 01 Mar 30 - if you want yours added or find one missing, let me know; otherwise, search engines are so good today I'm not building this list further on my own

IMDb's "Tarzan" (2003) page
Matt Cothier's "Tarzan the Series" web forum
The "official" Tarzan Page (apparently last updated in 2000)
On-line Novels of Edgar Rice Burroughs
The IMDb Biography of Edgar Rice Burroughs
University of Louisville Ekstrom Library Exhibit
Tarzan collectors' cards (1966 Philadelphia Gum)
Barbara Creed's Feminist Exploration of the Tarzan Story
Marianna Torgovnick's Postmodernist Critique: Taking Tarzan Seriously
Gary Larson's cartoon, Tarzan Meets Jane
Fred Danziger's painting, Tarzan Shrine
Hideki Nagata's site (great covers) - a Japanese character translator
Detailed Summary of Tarzan the Ape Man (1932)
Detailed Summary of Tarzan and his Mate (1934)
Staffan Cederfeldt's Swedish Tarzan Movie Posters
The Barsoomian Blade - Tarzan plus other ERB
TARZAN, THE COMIC STRIP: Most Recent || The Archive!
The German-Hollywood Connection - The Tarzan Connection
Jerry L. Schneider's ERB Movie-Making Locations
Gary Blehm's Penman Goes Tarzan for a Week
"Carry On up the Jungle" spoof
Philip José Farmer's Wold Newton Family (purported Tarzan genealogy)
Tarzan en Jane - Belgian Weissmuller Tarzan page - lots of pix
Tarzan de la simioj - Tarzan of the Apes in Esperanto
Adventures in Cassettes: Tarzan radio shows
PULPDOM - several Tarzan-related backissues
Yahoo's listings for Apes
Amazon Books catalog references to "Tarzan"
Edgar Rice Burroughs Motes and Quotes
The alt.fantasy.er-burroughs Information Page
The True Mangani? Bonobo || Sex and Society || Protection Fund
Gordon Scott, the 11th Tarzan
Meredy's Tarzan Trivia Mania
Jungle Love: Tarzan Still Swings
Disney's Tarzan (en español)
Tarzan: the Comic Strip (Foster and Hogarth in books)
Tarzan in Israel
1976-79 Television cartoon series
Me Tarzan, You Bride (Salon magazine wedding vow)
Jungle Love - Salon's Tribute to Tarzan
Tarzan of the Apes - amazon.com video (release 9 Mar 1999)
The Boys of Tarzan
Tarzan Wrist Watch
Tarzan and the Crystal Vault Gum Card Set
Weissmuller's Cousin Johnny's Family Photos
Tarzan books in Dutch Translation
RealAudio Intro to Tarzan radio
Jerry Haendiges "Tarzan" Radio Logs
John Buechler's Tarzan and the Mahars
Patrick Adkins – The Dream Vaults of Opar
Gene Popa's The Silent [Screen] Apemen
Which came first - "Tarzan" or "Tarzana"? — note: this is a hoax
Pretty nifty "Tarzan of the Apes" (1918) Page
Fantastic set of stills from the movie "Tarzan of the Apes" (1918)
Tarzan on Television (includes Jack Benny, Carol Burnett script)
B-movie TarzansBarker | Brix | Crabbe | Ely | Henry | Mahoney | Miller | Morris | Scott | Sheffield | Weissmuller
The Gordon Scott Page
Tarzan Museum: Art Work and Collectibles
Disney Tarzan (Info, News, Images)
Bienvenue sur notre site de Tarzan
The Gallery (200 images from the Disney movie)
Tarzan em Portugal
Bomba book cover gallery
Tribute to Jock Mahoney
My Mother's Tarzan
Animation Artist Magazine: Tarzan movie pages
Down Memory Lane with Tarzan Gordon Scott
Disney's Tarzan
Tarzan and the Lost City
Tarzan Web Ring
Tarzan's Treehouse
Yahoo > Video > Tarzan
Tarzan de Walt Disney
Tarzan the Sunday Pages
The Origin of Tarzan
Webcrawler - entertainment - comic strips - Tarzan
Jungle Serials -- Tarzan and Friends
Steve Hawkes -- Former Tarzan of the Movies and Today
Tarzan's Africa (Ron de Laat's map, with English translation)
ERBList - Tarzan books summarized by chapter
Johnny Weissmuller site
Weissmuller Yells
Tarzan in Terror Orstalis
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