Tarzan and the Abominable Snowmen
This 1965 book, by Barton Werper, was unauthorized by ERB, Inc.;
it was taken off the market and remaining copies destroyed.

People(in order of appearance)
John Clayton Lord Greystoke, TARZAN of the Apes
Jane Clayton Lady Greystoke
Jack the Greystokes' son, initially away at Oxford
Basuli Chief of Tarzan's Waziri warrors
Freddy Keys-Smythe Fellow of the Royal Academy of Science
Sir Edward Newhall one of the world's wealthiest newspaper publishers
Arthur Burke newspaper reporter
Teemu Sherpa "tiger" from the Himalayas, aka "he who stinks"
Patricia Newhall daughter of Sir Edward, Burke's fiancée
Amusi eldest son of Basuli
Al aeroplane pilot
Charley co-pilot
Bates bartender at the "Tar and Spar"
Great Apes Jedak (leader), Neeta/Nendat (his mate), Taglat, Chulk, Terkoz, Katala (very hold she-ape)
Ak-Ahmen Queen in the land of the Yeti (Kilimanjaro)
Ra 9th (or 10th) consort of Queen Ak-Ahmen
Ra-Man the Queen's Lord High Chamberlain
Summary — Book Blurb
Derby, Conn: Gold Star Books


On an expedition to find the fabled Abominable Snowmen of Kilimanajaro, Jane and her party are captured by Queen Ak-Ahmen, a banished Egyptian whose sport consists of murdering her aides. Rescuing Jane, Tarzan too is captured and forced to fight a Snowman in the arena. Tarzan's struggle against the beast and Ak-Ahmen's tribe makes for the most exciting book in this series.
Chapters these are titles only (not online)
1 Safari Planned
2 Women's Wiles
3 The Expedition Begins
4 The Plan
5 Adventure and Complications
6 Tarzan, Jedak and Basuli—to the Rescue!
7 Banquet of Death
8 Burke's Law
9 Forces United
10 To the Arena
11 The Wrath of Tarzan
12 And then there was One
13 Charge of the Bull Apes!
14 Safari's End

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