Tarzan and the Snake People
This 1964 book, by Barton Werper, was unauthorized by ERB, Inc.;
it was taken off the market and remaining copies destroyed.

People(in order of appearance)
Jane Clayton Lady Greystoke, wife of Tarzan
John Clayton Lord Greystoke, TARZAN of the Apes
Basuli Chief of Tarzan's Waziri warriors
Kamjei the best Waziri runner
Tageka an old Waziri
Leopold Keinin Belgian badguy chief
Pierre Sortie French-accented German accomplice of Keinin
Bill Harvey an American accompanying Keinin & Sortie
Lyta Daylight priestess of the Snake People
Narda Night Priestess of the Snake People, her sister
Tamoyi a Waziri killed by the Snake People
Namon aide to Narda
Kuchek a young Great Ape, first to assist Tarzan
Tombak eldest of the Great Apes, second to join Tarzan
Lerta Lyta's chamberlain, chief of her Snake-Men
Summary — Book Blurb
Derby, Conn: Gold Star Books


In order to steal the precious radium from the Snake People, the evil adventurers, Leopold Keinin and Pierre Sortie, set the the tribes of the sisters Narda and Lyta against each other. Drawn into the bloody war between the humanoids with bodies of snakes and heads of humans is Tarzan, whose wife Jane is held as a hostage by one of the warring tribes. This tale of battle and Tarzan's heroic struggle to shield Jane from an incredibly horrible death makes for the best Tarzan book.
Chapters these are titles only (not online)
I The Missing Runner
II The Unknown Enemy
III The Voice of the Jungle
IV Kamjei's Horror
V The Three Strangers
VI The Challenge of Tarzan
VII The Night Battle
VIII The Blood-Drenched Clearing
IX The Secret Chambers of Narda
X Escape by Dawn
XI The Note of Ransom
XII The Meeting with the Apes
XIII The Death Insurance
XIV The Invaders
XV The Rescue

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