Tarzan and the Cave City
This 1964 book, by Barton Werper, was unauthorized by ERB, Inc.;
it was taken off the market and remaining copies destroyed.

People(in order of appearance)
John Clayton Lord Greystoke, TARZAN of the Apes
Jane Clayton Lady Greystoke
Jedak King of the Great Apes (Tarzan's old tribe)
Onwa Jedak's mate
Professor Robert Norton Marcia's fiancé
Lord Freddie Pembroke Tarzan's closest friend (says Werper)
Marcia Malley Lord Freddie's sister-in-law
Basuli Chief of Tarzan's Waziri warriors
Wong Feng gross, evil, amoral Eurasian
Magra Taask Wong's one-eyed lascar companion
Oooga Taasks' second in command (of five thugs)
Margad Chief of the Bamo (a cave city; men with black plumes)
Gani Bamo who guards Taask in jail
Chemungo son of Margad
Nanda Chief of Ondo (rival cave city; men with white plumes)
Nirva Wife of Nanda, Queen of Ondo
Akamen Nirva's equerry, a noble of Ondo
Gar a Leopard Man, employee of Wong
Summary — Book Blurb
Derby, Conn: Gold Star Books


A fabulous emerald was called the "Light of the Night," and many men were willing to risk their lives to get it. In search of the jewel are Wong Feng and his hired cut-throat, Magra Taask. Before Tarzan defeats this vicious pair, he is captured by King Nanda and Queen Nirva of Ondo and sentenced to fight lions in the arena. Surviving, he leads his Waziris and giant apes in the great battle between lost cities.
Chapters these are titles only (not online)
I The Safari
II The 100-Pound Emerald
III The Plan
IV Alarums and Excursions!
V Double Jeopardy
VI The Pursuit
VII The White Plumes
VIII The Capture of Tarzan
IX The Gladiator
X So Die Cowards
XI The Decision
XII The Charge of the Bull Apes
XIII The Death of Bamo
XIV The Judgement

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