Tarzan and the Silver Globe
This 1964 book, by Barton Werper, was unauthorized by ERB, Inc.;
it was taken off the market and remaining copies destroyed.

People(in order of appearance)
John Clayton Lord Greystoke, TARZAN of the Apes
Jane Clayton Lady Greystoke
Nendat leader of Tarzan's old tribe
Leena mate of Nendat
Old Man witch-doctor from Mbonga's tribe
Followers 25 Venusian octopoids (eye, claw and brain in each tentacle)
Basuli Waziri chief
Jedak second in command to Nendat
N'Gogo Basuli's second in command
La, aka Marda Wife of Glamo, High Priestess of Opar
Glamo Venusian commander of the Silver Globe
Pintat youngest and boldest of the apes
Summary — Book Blurb
Derby, Conn: Gold Star Books


In search of a fabulous horde of gold, Tarzan, the legendary King of the Apes, visits Opar. This city, built by descendants of the Lost Continent of Atlantis, lies in a remote African valley. Here he meets the Followers, evil creatures of another planet that attempt to diabolically destroy the one man who stands between them and their plans for the Earth. with only a handful of devoted Waziri tribesmen and his ape companions, Tarzan struggles against both the extra-terrestrial monsters and Opar's green priests.
Chapters these are titles only (not online)
I The Message
II The Witch Doctor's Prophecy
III The Gold Rush
IV The Silver Globe
V The Sacrifice
VI Master of the Globe
VII The Death of an Immortal
VIII The Beasts of Tarzan
IX The Warth of Glamo
X Men and Beasts!
XI For the Followers—Food!
XII Destroy—Destroy!
XIII The Escape from Opar
XIV The End of Opar
XV Home

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