Tarzan: the Lost Adventure

Edgar Rice Burroughs and Joe R. Lansdale, Ballantine Books, 1995

People(in order of appearance)
TARZAN Lord of the Jungle
Gromvitch small, wiry white bwana
Wilson Jones big black bwana, ex-boxer
Cannon large white bwana
Charles Talent tall, lean black bwana
Eugene Hanson Texas anthropology professor on photographic expedition
Jean Hanson the professor's daughter
Jud-bal-ja Tarzan's pet lion
Zu-yad king of the ape tribe
Go-lot young bull ape, Zo-yad's challenger
Billy lump-jawed askari
Blomberg legionnaire who earlier told of Ur
Professor Barrett Hanson's mentor and colleague, discoverer of Ur
Hunt Hanson's "professorial assistant" and Jean's beau
Elbert Small Hanson's talented student
Nkima Tarzan's monkey pal
Udalo, Ydeni bearer friends of Billy
Nyama Jean's fellow prisoner at Ur
Kurvandi blood-bathing king of Ur
Ebopa The Stick That Walks, thought a god at Ur, beast from Pelucidar
Gerooma, Meredoleni sentries at Ur
Miltoon crooked legged servant to Kurvandi
Jeda female warrior of Ur, hates Jean
Summary — Book Blurb
New York: Del Ray (Ballantine)


For nearly fifty years, Edgar Rice Burroughs's last Tarzan manuscript lay untouched and unfinished, locked away in a vault. It was the stuff of legend until, finally, the magnificent tale was completed, with the help of award-wining author Jos R. Lansdale.

Once again the roar of Tarzan resounds through Africa as the Lord of the Jungle battles the savage creatures of the wild and helps a beautiful woman search for ancient Ur, lost city of gold. But Tarzan discovers they aren't alone in their quest. For evil follows in his path, and terror awaits him and his fierce lion Jad-bal-ja. Incredible treasures lie in the ancient city, and horrors even more awesome hunger to destroy the mighty hero.

Chapters there are 23 un-named chapters in this terrible book (it really is a stinker)

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