Tarzan: the Epic Adventures

Robert A. Salvatore, Ballantine Books, 1996

People(in order of appearance)
Jean TARZAN John Clayton, Lord Greystoke
Paul D'Arnot Tarzan's longtime friend, his host in Paris
Nikolas Rokoff Tarzan's sworn enemy, heir to the throne of Russia
Alexis Paulvitch Rokoff's enormous henchman
Count Henri de Coude a friend of D'Arnot's
Collette de Coude the Count's daughter
Papa a gorilla in the Paris zoo
Achmet Zek Evil Arab importer/scoundrel in Morocco
Joshua Mugambi Waziri prince returning from Oxford
Hadab Zek's one-eyed Arab henchman
Old Man in Zek's jail, the link to the Ancients
Jakar Chief of the Kukuyu tribe
Jana brave woman of the Zorham in Pellucidar
Turro Jana's not-very-brave companion
Althor companion of Jana and Turro
Mora ambitious Queen of the Mahars of Pellucidar
Tikka Mahar wounded (carrying the ruby) by Paulvitch
Summary — Book Blurb
New York: Del Ray (Ballantine)


Russian exile Nikolas Rokoff has stolen an ancient crystal amulet—the key to terrifying power. It can be used to conquer the very depths of time and space, but if Rokoff releases its supernatural forces, the gem will rip apart the fabric of reality. He will throw open the gates to Pellucidar—the prehistoric land at the Earth's core. In doing so, he will unleash the grotesque, reptilian armies of the Mahars.

Only Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle, can hope to stop the flood of creatures whose one goal is bloodthirsty conquest. But even Tarzan may fall prey to the talons of Mora, the ruthless and seductive Queen of the Mahars.

Chapters there are 18 un-named chapters

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