Tarzan and the Valley of Gold

Morrer se preciso fôr, matar nunca!
Fritz Leiber, Ballantine Books, 1966

People(in order of appearance)
TARZAN de los Monos John Clayton, Lord Greystoke
Manolecito Matador in Mexico, a friend of Tarzan
Augustus Vinaro A very bad hombre
Mr. Train Vinaro's one-eyed karate-trained aide
Sophia Renault Vinaro's companion
Lionel Talmadge British anthropology professor, in Brazil, friend of Tarzan's
João Ruiz animal trapper, friend of Tarzan's
Felícia wife of Ruiz
George & Winnie Passengers on Tarzan's V.A.R.I.G. flight to Rio
Romulo Vinaro's pilot
Jovana air hostess on Tarzan's CRUZEIRO flight to Cuiabá
Antonio chauffeur sent for Tarzan at Cuiabá
Cabral Vinaro's man, kills Antonio at Cuiabá
Luigi & Giovanni the brothers Duccio, aides to Cabral
Carlos Juarez Brazilian army colonel, friend of Tralmade
Ramel Indian/Incan boy staying with Ruiz
Rodriguez leader of Vinaro's attack on Ruiz' house
Captain Voss River-barge smuggler for Vinaro
Duarte Juarez's helicopter pilot
Ricardo trooper, extra pilot on Duarte's helicopter
Apoena & Ataúl Chavante Indian trackers, on helicopter at Ruiz's
Barros, Harris, Benjamin helicopter badguys sent to kill Tarzan at Rondeau Plateau
Captain Lobos Juarez's wireless operator
Maria Bragança old medíco with Brazilian Public Health Service
Manco Capac Chief of Tucumai, head of the Thinkers
Hugh Malpole English semanticist buried at Tucumai
Herdin & Tegno wrestlers in Tucumai
Matsu Hirokoshi oldest karataka, master Tarzan had visited in Japan
Gabin one of Vinaro's guards at Tucumai
animals: Dinky Ruiz's chimpanzee
Xima Ramel's white jaguar
Tiger Sophia's poodle
Major Ruiz's 500-pound trained lion, Tarzan's friend
Summary — Book Blurb
New York: Ballantine Books


It has been many years since the appearance of a truly original novel based on the world-famous character TARZAN—first created by Edgar Rice Burroughs.
    Now at last a magnificent tale of adventure, with the racing, thrilling action for which Burroughs was famous, has been created by Hugo Award winner Fritz Leiber, an adventure that is true to the real character of Tarzan, Lord Greystoke—who combined the wild savagery of his jungle background with the proud heritage of hundreds of years of civilization, who could hunt with the cunning patience of an animal and strike with the decisiveness of a man born to command.
    From the bullring of Mexico to the jungles of Brazil to the haunts of an ancient Incan city—here is a tale to set the heart drumming, the imagination soaring—a surperb perpetuation of the legendary figure first conceived in the mind of one of the world's greatest storytellers—EDGAR RICE BURROUGHS.

Adapted from the motion picture in color and Panavision produced by Banner Productions, Inc., from a script by Clair Huffaker, and starring Mike Henry as Tarzan. Authorized by Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc., and Banner Productions, Inc.

Chapters these are titles only (not online)
1 The Gate of Fright
2 Aeródromo Meseta
3 South by V.A.R.I.G.
4 West by CRUZEIRO
5 "An Indolent People ..."
6 The Ticking of a Wristwatch
7 A Golden Child, a King of Hearts
8 "Die If Necessary ..."
9 The Importance of Discipline
10 The Sea of Trees and Jewels
11 The Two Armies
12 Paper Cuts Rock
13 Two-Thirds Feline
14 Jungle Jeito
15 In the Hoofprints of Pizarro
16 The Religion of Death
17 The Frozen Princess
18 "Because It's There!"
19 The Glittering Daggers
20 The City of Gold
21 "... Matar Nunca!"
22 Pizarro Come Back
23 Karate Versus Tarzan
24 Electricity and Land Mines
25 To Kill a Panther
26 The Legend of Tucumai

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