Tarzan and the Foreign Legion

People (in order of appearance)
Hendrik van der Meer Sumatran rubber planter
Elsje (Verschoor) van der Meer Hendrik's wife
Corrie van der Meer their daughter, aged 16 at outset
Lum Kam & Sing Tai van der Meer's Chinese servants
Hoesin, Taku Muda, Tian Umar Chiefs of Kampongs (villages)
Capt. Tokujo Matsuo Japanese army
Lt. Hideo Sokabe Japanese army
Alam Sumatran native who betrays Corrie
S/Sgt. Joe "Datbum" Bubonovitch Lovely Lady waist gunner, Brooklyn NY
S/Sgt. Tony "Shrimp" Rosetti Lovely Lady ball turret gunner, Chicago IL
Capt. Jerry Lucas Lovely Lady pilot, Oklahoma City OK
RAF Col. [Gp. Cap.] John Clayton TARZAN of the Apes, Lord Greystoke
Iskandar Corrie's kidnapper
Amat Sumatran collaborationist
Lt. Kumajiro Tada Japanese army, once at University of Oregon
Uglo Orangutan chief
Oju Uglo's rival, fights Tarzan, kidnaps Corrie
Vanda mother of organgutan saved by Tarzan
Tak van der Bos reserve officer imprisoned with Tarzan
Hooft, Hugo, Grotius Dutch outlaws living in jungle
Sarina Eurasian living with Dutch outlaws
Lara native girl
Lt. de Lettenhove Dutch army
Capt. Kervyn van Prins Dutch army
Col. Kanji Tajiri Japanese commanding officer
Keta little monkey friend of Tarzan
S/Sgt. Carter Douglas from Lovely Lady, Van Nuys CA
S/Sgt. Bill Davis from Lovely Lady, Waco TX
2nd Lt. Kenzo Kaneko Japanese army
Alauddin Shah village chief, southern Sumatra
Lt. Cmdr. Bolton sumbarine commander
Summary — Book Blurb
New York: Ballantine Books


When the American bomber crashed in the jungles of enemy-held Sumatra, the survivors faced the perils of a completely unknown world...and the RAF colonel who had flown with them as observer seemed to compound their danger by going mad—stripping to a loincloth and throwing away his weapons except for his knife. But for Colonel John Clayton, Lord Greystoke, the hazards of wild beasts and a remorseless enemy were a familiar and joyously accepted challenge—a chance to return to his true identiy of Tarzan of the Apes.
Gathering a motley crew of allies of many nations, Tarzan worked a terrible vengeance on the occupying Japanese, led an epic trek to the coast—to a final ocean rendezvous with enemies human and inhuman.
Chapters There are 30 untitled chapters

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