Tarzan and the Forbidden City

People(in order of appearance)
TARZAN of the Apes John Clayton, Lord Greystoke
Ogabi Gregory's headman
Paul d'Arnot Captain in the French navy
Helen Gregory sister of Brian (lost two years earlier)
Gregory father of Brian and Helen, leading safari
Magra dark girl, Thome's accomplice
Lal Taask tall, thin East Indian with Thome
Atan Thome plump, greasy Eurasian badguy
Won Feng Loango shopkeeper, friend of Thome
Wolff Hunter hired by Gregory (and Thome)
Jacques Lavac Lieutenant, seaplane pilot
Chemungo son of Mpingu
Mpingu chief of the Buiroo tribe
Mbuli Thome's headman
Ungo chief of ape tribe (carries off Magra)
Atka Queen of Ashair
Akamen Atka's cousin, next in line to throne
Thetan of Thobos black slave in Ashair, Herat's nephew
Zytheb Ashair priest, Keeper of the Keys
Brian Gregory prisoner in temple under Lake Horus
Brulor Ashair High Priest, Father of Diamonds
Herkuf former priest of Chon, prisoner in Ashair
Herat King of Thobos (enemy of Ashair)
Menthes Herat's Queen
Chon True god of Thobos
Zu-tho and Ga-un Ungo's apes (carry off Magra and Helen)
Summary — Book Blurb
New York: Ballantine Books


Tarzan cared little for the fate of adventurer Brian Gregory, drawn to the legendary city of Ashair by the rumor of the Father of Diamonds, the world's hugest gem. But to the ape-man the tie of friendship was unbreakable, and Paul d'Arnot's pleas moved him to agree to guide the expedition Gregory's father and sister organized for his rescue. The enigmatic Atan Thome was also obsessed with the Father of Diamonds, and planted agents in the Gregory safari to spy out its route and sabotage its efforts. Both parties reached their goal, remote Ashair...as prisoners of its priests, doomed to die in loathsome rites.
Chapters There are 32 untitled chapters

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