Tarzan and the Leopard Men

People(in order of appearance)
Kali Bwana (Jessie) woman looking for Jerry Jerome
Golato her headman
TARZAN (Muzimo) John Clayton, Lord Greystoke
Nyamwegi Orando's friend, killed by Leopard Men
Nkima (Spirit of Nyamwegi) little monkey friend of Tarzan
Orando Tumbai Chief's son
Lobongo Tumbai chief
Imba Kali Bwana's servant
Old Timer (Hiram) 30-year-old elephant hunter
The Kid (Jerry Jerome) 21-year-old hunter
Sobito Tumbai witch-doctor
Lupingu Nyamwegi's love rival, traitor
Gato Mgungu Chief of the Leopard Men society
Lulimi old man in Mgungu's village
Mumga old woman in charge of prisoner Kali
Robolo tribal chief and a Leopard Man
Ubonga old woman at Leopard temple
Kapopa witch-doctor friend of Bobolo
Rebega Chief of pygmy village
Wlala pygmy woman guarding Kali
Nyalwa elected temporary pygmy Chief
Zu-tho King of new branch of Tarzan's ape tribe
Ga-yat friend of Zu-tho
Nsenene girl of Bobolo's villlage, fond of The Kid
Summary — Book Blurb
New York: Ballantine Books


The steel-clawed Leopard Men were looking for victims for their savage rites. The secret cult struck terror in the hearts of all the villagers. Only Orando of the Utengi dared to declare war on them. And with Orando went Tarzan of the Apes—but a strangely changed Tarzan, who now believed that he was Muzimo, the spirit or demon who had been Orando's ancestor. There were traitors among Orando's people. And in the village of the Leopard Men was Kali Bwana, the white girl who had come to Africa to find a missing man. Only Tarzan could save her....
Chapters these are titles only (not online)
I Storm
II The Hunter
III Dead Men Who Spoke
IV Sobito, the Witch-Doctor
V "Unspeakable Boor!"
VI The Traitor
VII The Captive
VIII Treason Unmasked
IX The Leopard God
X While the Priests Slept
XI Battle
XII The Sacrifice
XIII Down River
XIV The Return of Sobito
XV The Little Men
XVI A Clue
XVII Charging Lions
XVIII Arrows Out of the Night
XIX "The Demons Are Coming!"
XX "I Hate You!"
XXI Because Nsenene Loved
XXII In the Crucible of Danger
XXIII Converging Trails

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