Tarzan and the City of Gold

People(in order of appearance)
TARZAN of the Apes John Clayton, Lord Greystoke
Valthor Shiftas' prisoner from Athne (city of ivory)
Tomos Queen's Councillor in Cathne (city of gold)
Gemnon noble of Cathne, old family
Althides under-officer (sergeant) of Cathne
Phobeg prisoner in Cathne, gladiator vs Tarzan
Erot court hanger-on, Nemone's favorite
Nemone Queen of Cathne
Xertsle Gemnon's palace apartment mate
M'Duze old hag at Nemone's palace
Belthar Nemone's fighting lion
Alextar Nemone's brother, rightful king, imprisoned
Doria beloved of Gemnon, daughter of Thudos
Thudos aristocrat, advocate of Alextar's rule
Pindes officer of the guard, Erot's enemy
Hafim Galla slave in Cathne freed by Tarzan
Niaka Hafim's brother, slave in Cathne gold mine
Maluma lady-in-waiting to Nemone
Phordos Gemnon's father
Summary — Book Blurb
New York: Ballantine Books


When Tarzan of the Apes freed the white man who was being tortured by the savages, he was surprised to learn that the stranger came from no race or country the ape-man knew. He was from the fabled land of Onthat, where lay two ancient cities unknown to the outside world. One was Athne, city of ivory; the other was Cathne, city of gold and evil. There great prides of trained lions were used to hunt down men and wage eternal war. And there Tarzan met the beautiful queen Nemone, who was determined to have Tarzan as her king...or feed him to the lions!
Chapters these are titles only (not online)
I Strange Quarry
II The White Prisoner
III Cats by Night
IV Down the Flood
V The City of Gold
VI The Man Who Stepped on a God
VII Nemone
VIII Upon the Field of the Lions
IX "Death! Death!"
X In the Palace of the Queen
XI The Lions of Cathne
XII The Man in the Lion Pit
XIII Assassin in the Night
XIV The Grand Hunt
XV The Plot That Failed
XVI In the Temple of Thoos
XVII The Secret of the Temple
XVIII Flaming Xarator
XIX The Queen's Quarry

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