Tarzan Triumphant

People (in order of appearance)
Lady Barbara Collis English aviatrix
Kabariga Chief of Bangalo people of Bungalo
TARZAN of the Apes John Clayton, Lord Greystoke
Lord of the Jungle, Waziri war chief
Leon Stabutch Russian agent sent to kill Tarzan
Joseph Stalin Soviet dictator, orders Tarzan "removed"
Lafayette Smith Prof of Geology, Phil Sheridan Mil Acad
Abraham, son of Abraham South Midian Prophet (Paul's hair black)
Elija, son of Noah North Midian Prophet (Paul's hair yellow)
Martha daughter of Abraham
Jezebel defender of Lady Barbara in South Midian
Jobab and Timothy Apostles in South Midian
Dan "Gunner" Patrick small-time Chicago mobster
Goloba Stabutch's headman
Lord Passmore mysterious English hunter
Ogonyo Lafayette Smith's headman
Dominic Capietro Italian communist, now slave trader
Isaza Lord Passmore's "boy" and cook
Obambi Lafayette Smith's "boy"
Zugash king of tongani (baboon) tribe
Eshbaal shepherd from North Midian
Muviro sub-chief of Tarzan's Waziri
Summary — Book Blurb
New York: Ballantine Books


Evil men had come to the land that belonged to Tarzan of the Apes, looting and killing as they moved. Patiently, the ape-man pursued them. But there was other evil. In a small valley of the Ghenzi Mountains, the last remnants of an ugly, perverted people dwelled in what they called their faith. It was an ancient belief—one that had come with their ancestors from Rome nearly 2000 years before. Now they were wicked and many of them were insane. Now they had captured Lady Barbara Collis and meant to use her as a human sacrifice—unless Tarzan arrived in time!
Chapters these are titles only (not online)
I Gathering the Threads
II The Land of Midian
III The "Gunner"
IV Gathering the Strands
V When the Lion Charged
VI The Waters of Chinnereth
VII The Slave Raider
VIII The Baboons
IX The Great Fissure
X In the Clutches of the Enemy
XI The Crucifixion
XII Out of the Grave
XIII The "Gunner" Walks
XIV Flight
XV Eshbaal, the Shepherd
XVI Trailing
XVII She is Mine!
XVIII A Guy and a Skirt
XIX In the Village of Elija
XX The Best Three out of Five
XXI An Awakening
XXII By a Lonely Pool
XXIII Captured
XXIV The Long Night
XXV The Waziri
XXVI The Last Knot is Tied

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