Tarzan the Invincible

People(in order of appearance)
Nkima very smart little Manu
Comrades — Zora Drinov Russian communist (apparently)
Peter L. Zevri Russian, hopes to be Peter I of Africa
Raghunath Jafar Asiatic Indian communist, fond of Zora
Miguel Romero Mexican communist
Antonio Mori (Tony) Filipino communist, with Colt
Wayne Colt American communist (apparently)
Others — Abu Batn Aarab Sheykh
Kitembo Chief of the Basembo bearer/warriors
To-yat, Ga-yat, Zu-tho Apes of Tarzan's old tribe
TARZAN of the Apes John Clayton, Lord Greystoke
Jad-bal-ja Tarzan's pet lion
Wamala Zora's servant
Kahiya Chief of expedition's askari
Oah New High Priestess of Opar
Dooth Priest of Opar
Michael Korsky, Paul Ivitch with Sveri at Opar
La Imprisoned High Priestess of Opar
Darus Priest of Opar, loyal to La
Ibn Dammuk Sheykh's son
Bukula Black serving Abu Batn
Nao Oparian priestess in love with Colt
Firg Oparian jailer
Hajellah, Fodil, Dareyem Aarabs
Muviro Warchief of Tarzan's Waziri
Summary — Book Blurb
New York: Ballantine Books


La was in trouble. The high priestess of theFlaming God in the ancient city of Opar—forgotton outpost of Atlantis—had been betrayed by her people and locked in the eon-haunted dungeons until Tarzan came to rescue her. La still loved Tarzan but Tarzan had brought her to his people, and then left her. Now, together with a strange woman of Tarzan's kind, she lay bound in the tent of an Arab slave-trader, dreading her certain fate. Meanwhile, Tarzan was beset by a strange band of men who had invaded his land...led by a madman bent on evil subversion!
Chapters these are titles only (not online)
I Little Nkima
II The Hindu
III Out of the Grave
IV Into the Lion's Den
V Before the Walls of Opar
VI Betrayed
VII In Futile Search
VIII The Treachery of Abu Batn
IX In the Death Cell of Opar
X The Love of a Priestess
XI Lost in the Jungle
XII Down Trails of Terrors
XIII The Lion-Men
XIV Shot Down
XV "Kill, Tantor, Kill!"
XVI "Turn Back!"
XVII A Gulf That Was Bridged

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