Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle

People(in order of appearance)
TARZAN, Lord of the Jungle John Clayton, Viscount Greystoke
Fahd Arab of the tribe el-Harb
Motlog Arab of the tribe el-Harb
Fejjuan, aka Ulala Galla native, slave of Arabs
Ibn Jad Sheik of the fendy el-Guad
Tollog brother of Ibn Had
Zeyd Beduin in love with Ateja, rival of Fahd
Ateja daughter of Ibn Jad
Hirfa wife of Ibn Jad
Toyat head of Tarzan's old tribe of great apes
W'walat, Gayat, Zutho apes of Toyat'ss tribe
James Hunter Blake rich, young American hunter
Wilbur Stimbol NY stockbroker, head of Blake's safari
Peter Wiggs, Paul Bodkin outer guard of Nimmer
Richard Montmorency Knight of Nimmer, befriends James
Michel boy, squire to Sir Richard
Malud Knight of Nimmr, suitor for Guinalda
Prince Gobred Ruler of Nimmr
Princess Brynilda wife of Gobred
Guinalda daughter of Gobred
Tabo brother of Ulala
Batando Chief of the Gallas
King Bohun Ruler of the Knights of the Sepulcher
Edward boy, squire to James
Sir Guy first to joust with James
Wildred second to joust with James
Bertram Nimmr Knight, Tarzan's tourney escort
Abd el-Aziz companion to Ibn Jad
Goyad Toyat's rival for Guinalda
Summary — Book Blurb
New York: Ballantine Books


Cruel slave traders had invaded the jungle of Tarzan of the Apes. Now they were headed toward a fabled empire of riches which no outsider had ever seen, intent on looting. And toward the same legendary land was stumbling the lost James Blake, an American whom Tarzan had vowed to rescue.

Following their spoors, the ape-man came upon the lost Valley of the Sepulcher, where Knights Templar still fought to resume their Holy Crusade to free Jerusalem.

Soon Tarzan, true Lord of the their ancient mother-land, was armed with lance and shield, mixed into their jousting and ancient combat.

It was then that the slavers struck!

Chapters these are titles only (not online)
1 Tantor the Elephant
2 Comrades of the Wild
3 The Apes of Toyat
4 Bolgani the Gorilla
5 The Tarmangani
6 Ara the Lightning
7 The Cross
8 The Snake Strikes
9 Sir Richard
10 The Return of Ulala
11 Sir James
12 "Tomorrow Thou Diest!"
13 In the Beyt of Zeyd
14 Sword and Buckler
15 The Lonely Grove
16 The Great Tourney
17 "The Saracens!"
18 The Black Knight
19 Lord Tarzan
20 "I Love You!"
21 "For Every Jewel a Drop of Blood!"
22 Bride of the Ape
23 Jad-bal-ja
24 Where Trails Met

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