Tarzan and the Ant Men

People(in order of appearance)
Obebe chief of cannibal tribe
Esteban Miranda Tarzan look-alike, now mad and captive
Khamis Obebe's witch doctor
Ohha Khamis' 14-year-old daughter
Korak son of Tarzan, born Jack
Meriem Korak's wife, once an Arab captive
Jackie infant son of Korak and Meriem
TARZAN of the Apes John Clayton, Lord Greystoke
aka Zuzanthrol by the Veltopismakusians
Jane Clayton Lady Greystoke, aka My Dear
Andua Waziri warrior who can fly planes
Aluli — First Woman Thorn Forest virago, finds Tarzan
Second Woman woman bludgeoned by First Woman
Third Woman arrives with antelope and captive man
Son of First Woman 16-year-old boy befriended by Tarzan
Minunians — Adendrohahkis King of the Tohanadalmakusians
Prince Komodoflorensal son of Adendrohahkis, aka Aoponato
Elkomoelhago King of the Veltopismakusians
Prince Zoanthrohago Zertol Veltopismakusian owner of Tarzan
Gofoloso friend of Elkomoelhago, Chief of Chiefs
Janzara daughter of Elkomoelhago
Torndali Veltopismakusian Chief of Quarries
Makahago Veltopismakusian Chief of Buildings
Throwaldo Veltopismakusian Chief of Agriculture
Vestako Veltopismakusian Chief of the Royal Dome
Gefasto Veltopismakusian Chief of Warriors
Kalfastoban Vental (commander of ten warriors)
Talaskar cook for 800^3+19 (aka Aoponato)
Caraftap Slave who wants Talaskar
Oratharc helpful Veltopismakusian warrior
Usula Tarzan's Waziri headman
Flora Hawkes maid to Lady Greystoke
Summary — Book Blurb
New York: Ballantine Books


No man had ever penetrated the Great thorn Forest until Tarzan of the Apes crashed his plane behind it on his first solo flight. Within lay a beautiful country. But in it lived the Alali, strange stone-age giants whose women regarded all men as less than slaves. And beyond the Alali lay the country of the Ant-Men—little people only eighteen inches tall. There, in Trohanadalmakus, Tarzan was an honored guest—until he was captured by the warriors of Veltopismakus in one of the ant-men's wars. They had their plans for the ape-man. By the advanced science of the little men, Tarzan was shrunk to their size and set to work as a quarry slave.
Chapters There are 22 untitled chapters

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