Tarzan and the Golden Lion

People (in order of appearance)
TARZAN of the apes John Clayton, Lord Greystoke, King of the Jungle
Jane Clayton Lady Greystoke, wife of Tarzan
Korak son of Tarzan and Jane (orig. John)
animal: Jad-bal-ja the Golden Lion, Tarzan's pet/companion
Umanga a village chief
animal: Za Umanga's bitch recruited to nurse Jad-bal-ja
Muviro old chief of Tarzan's Waziri warriors
Jervis English foreman of Tarzan's African estate
Flora Hawkes one-time London maid to Jane Clayton
Esteban Miranda Spanish actor, Tarzan look-alike
John Peebles English pugilist and ne'er-do-well
Dick Throck English pugilist and ne'er-do-well
Adolph Bluber Fat German, treasurer of badguys expedition
Carl Kraski Russian dancer, chief badguy
animal: Gobo ape killed by Esteban
animal: Pagth king of Gobu's tribe
Keewazi black who let Jad-bal-ja escape
animal: Manu little monkey gossiper near Opar
Cadj High Priest of the Flaming God of Opar
Blagh guard at Opar
La High Priestess and Queen of Opar
Dooth a priest of Opar, loyal to La
Oah a priest of Opar, loyal to Cadj
Usula one of Tarzan's Waziri warriors
Owaza a village headman
Old Man un-named English prisoner of the Bolgani
Luviri Owaza's second in command
Obebe a cannibal
Summary — Book Blurb
New York: Ballantine Books


Tarzan had been betrayed. Drugged and helpless, he was delivered into the hands of the dreadful priests of Opar, last bastion of ancient Atlantis. La, High Priestess of the Flaming God, had saved him once again, driven by her hopeless love for the ape-man. But now she was betrayed and threatened by her people. To save her, Tarzan fled with her into the legendary Valley of Diamonds, while Jad-bal-ja, his faithful golden lion, followed. Ahead lay a land where savage gorillas ruled over servile men. And behind, Estaban Miranda—who looked exactly like Tarzan—plotted further treachery.
Chapters these are titles only (not online in US - but check here)
I The Golden Lion
II The Training of Jad-bal-ja
III A Meeting of Mystery
IV What the Footprints Told
V The Fatal Drops
VI Death Steals Behind
VII "You Must Sacrifice Him"
VIII Mystery of the Past
IX The Shaft of Death
X Mad Treachery
XI Strange Incense Burns
XII The Golden Ingots
XIII A Strange, Flat Tower
XIV The Chamber of Horrors
XV The Map of Blood
XVI The Diamond Hoard
XVII The Torture of Fire
XVIII The Spoor of Revenge
XIX A Barbed Shaft Kills
XX The Dead Return
XXI An Escape and a Capture

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