Tarzan the Terrible

People and Places(in alphabetical order)
Ab-on Acting chief of Kor-ul-ja
A-lur City of light
An-un Father of Pan-at-lee
Bu-lot Son of chief Mo-sar
Bu-lur City of the Waz-ho-don
Dak-at Chief of a Ho-don vilage
Dak-lot One of Ko-tan's palace warriors
Dor-ul-Otho (Son of God) TARZAN
Es-sat Chief of Om-at's tribe of hairy blacks
Ho-don Hairless white men of Pal-ul-don
Id-an One of Pan-at-lee's two borthers
In-sad & O-dan Kor-ul-ja warriors accompanying Tarzan, Om-at, and Ta-den in search of Pan-at-lee
In-tan Kor-ul-lul left to guard Tarzan
Ja-don Chief of a Ho-don village, father of Ta-den
Jar-don Name given Korak by Om-at
Ko-tan King of the Ho-don
Kor-ul-gryf Gorge of the gryf
Kor-ul-ja Es-sat's gorge and tribe
Korul-lul Another Waz-don gorge and tribe
Lu-don High priest of A-lur
Mo-sar Chief and pretender
O-lo-a Ko-tan's daughter
Om-at A black
Pal-ul-don Name of the country
Pal-ul-ja Land of lions
Pan-at-lee Om-at's sweetheart
Pan-sat A priest
Ta-den A white
TARZAN-JAD-GURU Tarzan the Terrible
Tor-o-don Beastlike man
Tul-lur Mo-sar's city
Waz-don Hairy black men of Pal-ul-don
Waz-ho-don Mixed black-white race
Summary — Book Blurb
New York: Ballantine Books


Lieutenant Obergatz had fled in terror from the seeking vengeance of Tarzan of the Apes. And with him, by force, he had taken Tarzan's beloved mate, Jane. Now the ape-man was following the faint spoor of their flight, into a region no man had ever penetrated. The trail led across seemingly impassable marshes into Pal-ul-don—a savage land where primitive Waz-don and Ho-don fought fiercely, wielding knives with their long, prehensile tails—and where mighty triceratops still survived from the dim dawn of time...And far behind, relentlessly pursuing, came Korak the Killer.
Chapters titles only; the book is online here
I The Pithecanthropus
II "To the Death!"
III Pan-at-lee
IV Tarzan-jad-guru
V In the Kor-ul-gryf
VI The Tor-o-don
VII Jungle Craft
VIII A-lur
IX Blood-Stained Alters
X The Forbidden Garden
XI The Sentence of Death
XII The Giant Stranger
XIII The Masquerader
XIV The Temple of the Gryf
XV "The King Is Dead!"
XVI The Secret Way
XVII By Jad-bal-lul
XVIII The Lion Pit of Tu-lur
XIX Diana of the Jungle
XX Silently in the Night
XXI The Maniac
XXII A Journey on a Gryf
XXIII Taken Alive
XXIV The Messenger of Death
XXV Home

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