Jungle Tales of Tarzan

People and Apes(in order of appearance)
Teeka young female ape, Tarzan's first love
Kerchak King of the Apes when Tarzan was a boy
TARZAN of the Apes John Clayton, Lord Greystoke
Taug Tarzan's rival for Teeka's affections
Thaka, Numgo, Gunto members of Kerchak's ape band
Mumga nearly blind old female ape
Kala, Tublat Tarzan's dead ape mother, her mate
Mbonga chief of the gomangani (black tribe)
Gazan "Redskin", Teeka & Taug's child (balu)
god: Goro Moon, thought to be a supreme being
Rabba Kega the Mbonga witch doctor
Tibo ten-year-old boy
Momaya Tibo's mother
Bukawai leperous witch-doctor, lives with hyenas
Rabba Kega Mbonga's village witch-doctor
Ibeto Tibo's father
Toog exiled king from another ape band
Tubuto, Mweeza members of Mbonga's tribe
Bulabantu under-chief of Mbonga's tribe
Gozan member of Kerchak's ape band
god: Kudu Sun, thought to be a supreme being
Summary — Book Blurb
New York: Ballantine Books


The young Tarzan was unlike the great apes who were his only companions and playmates. Theirs was a simple, savage life, filled with little but killing or being killed. But Tarzan had all of a normal boy's desire to learn. He had painfully taught himself to read from books left by his dead father. Now he sought to apply this book knowledge to the world around him. He sought for such things as the source of dreams and the whereabouts of God. And he searched for the love and affection that every human being needs. But he was alone in his struggles to grow and understand. The life of the jungle had no room for abstractions.
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I Tarzan's First Love
II The Capture of Tarzan
III The Fight for the Balu
IV The God of Tarzan
V Tarzan and the Black Boy
VI The Witch-Doctor Seeks Vengeance
VII The End of Bukawai
VIII The Lion
IX The Nightmare
X The Battle for Teeka
XI A Jungle Joke
XII Tarzan Rescues the Moon

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