The Son of Tarzan

People(in order of appearance)
Alexis Paulvitch aka Michael Sabrov, spent 10 years with cannibals
ape: Akut, aka Ajax once Ape King, taken to London by Paulvitch
Simpson cruel sailor on the Marjorie W. who torments Ajax
Harold Moore tutor to Jack Clayton
Jack Clayton son of Tarzan, aka "Billings" enroute to Africa, named KORAK ("killer") by the Apes of Akut
Jane Clayton Tarzan's wife, Jack's mom, Meriem's "My Dear"
TARZAN of the Apes John Clayton, Lord Greystoke, Lord of the Jungle
Condon thief who tries to rob Billings (Jack Clayton)
Herr Skopf Hotel proprietor who discovers Condon's body
Armand Jacot Foreign Legion Capt (later Gen), Prince de Cadrenet
Achmet-ben-Houdin marauder chief, amor's nephew, executed by Jacot
Sheik Amor ben Khatour Achemt's uncle, kidnapper of Jeanne
Jeanne, aka Meriem daughter of Jacot, renamed Meriem by Sheik Amor
Geeka Meriem's doll (named for the black who made her)
Carl Jenssen, Sven
Malbihn aka Mr. Hanson
ne'er do well Swedish adventurers
(bounty hunters, ivory poachers, etc)
Mbeeda Arab headman bribed by Swedes to kidnap Meriem
Kavudoo chief of tribe pursuing Jack and Meriem for ransom
Hon. Morison Baynes visitor to the Greystoke estate, Meriem's suitor
Muviri chief factotem at the Greystokes' East African estate
elephant: Tantor Korak's pal, with a long memory of what Sven did
Abdul Kamak young ogler of Meriem at Sheik Amor's
Ali ben Kadin Sheik Amor's half-black half-brother
Paul d'Arnot French naval officer in Paris, Tarzan's best friend
Summary — Book Blurb
New York: Ballantine Books


Paulvitch still lived and sought vengeance against Tarzan. As part of his plot, he lured Tarzan's young son away from London. But the boy escaped, with the aid of the great ape Akut. They fled to the savage African jungles where Tarzan had been reared. There the civilized boy had to learn to meet the great beasts and face the dangers only his father had ever conquered. But he grew in time into Korak the Killer, almost as mighty as Tarzan. Korak found a friend in Meriem, whom he rescued from a raiding Arab band. Then he discovered that the dangers of the jungle were nothing compared to those devised by men.
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