The Beasts of Tarzan

People(in order of appearance)
Paul d'Arnot French naval officer, Tarzan's friend in Paris
TARZAN Lord of the Jungle
Nikolas Rokoff Tarzan's evil enemy, escapes from jail
Alexis Paulvitch Rokoff's evil assistant
Jane Porter Clayton Tarzan's wife
Jack Clayton their son
Carl The Clayton's houseman in London, kidnapping accomplice
Sven Anderssen Swedish cook aboard the Kincaid
apes: Molak, Akut (King) great apes (Mangani) on the island opposite the Ugambi river (where Tarzan is marooned)
animal: Sheeta panther who befriends Tarzan after being rescued
Mugambi giant chief of the Wagambi, becomes lifelong friend of Tarzan
Kaviri chief of a tribe on the Ugambi river
M'ganwazan cannibal chief on the Ugambi, in Rokoff's pay
Tambudza oldest wife of M'ganwazan
Buulaoo son of M/ganwazan by a younger wife, hates Tambudza
Gust the Swede, Momulla the Maori, Kai Shang of Fachan mutineers aboard the Cowrie north of Jungle Island
Schneider, Schmidt, Jones, Sullivan mate and sailors from the Kincaid, with Tarzan on Jungle Island
Esmeralda The Claytons' maid in London
Mosula woman betrothed of Mugambi, accopanies him to London
Summary — Book Blurb
New York: Ballantine Books


Now that he was the rich Lord Greystoke, Tarzan became the target of greedy and evil men. His son was kidnapped, his wife had been abducted, and Tarzan was stranded on a desert island where he seemed helpless. but with the help of Sheeta, the vicious panther, and the great ape Akut, Tarzan began his escape. Together with the giant Mugambi, they reached the mainland and took up the trail of the kidnappers. Tarzan sought his wife and his child—and he sought such vengeance as only a human beast of the jungle could devise. But the men Tarzan sought had fled deep into the interior—and the trail was old and well-hidden.
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IIIBeasts at Bay
VIA Hideous Crew
VIIIThe Dance of Death
IXChivalry or Villainy
XThe Swede
XIIA Black Scoundrel
XIVAlone in the Jungle
XVDown the Ugambi
XVIIn the Darkness of the Night
XVIIOn the Deck of the "Kincaid"
XVIIIPaulvitch Plots Revenge
XIXThe Last of the "Kincaid"
XXJungle Island Again
XXIThe Law of the Jungle

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