The Return of Tarzan

People(in order of appearance)
Olga de Coude neé Rokoff Countess, wife of Raoul, sister of Rokoff
Raoul de Coude Count, official of the Ministry of War
TARZAN of the Apes aka Monsieur Jean C. Tarzan, John Caldwell, John Clayton, Lord Greystoke, Waziri King
Nikolas Rokoff, aka M. ThuranCountess de Coude's evil brother
Alexis Paulvitch evil valet/assistant to Rokoff
Paul d'Arnot Tarzan's friend, Navy Lieutenant living in Paris
Jacques servant to Countess de Coude
M. Flaubert duel second to Count de Coude
General Rochere Paris bureau chief, French Foreign Legion
Lieutenant Gernois Foreign Legion officer suspected of selling secrets
Captain Gerard Tarzan's Foreign Legion friend in Oran
Abdul Tarzan's servant/interpreter at Sidi Aissa
Kadour ben Saden Shiek of a desert tribe south of Djefa
Ouled-Nail dancing girl in Sidi Aissa, Kadour's daughter
Ali-ben-Ahmed Shiek whose tribe captures Tarzan
Ahmet-din-Taieb Ouled-Nail's cousin, tribesman of Ali-ben-Ahmed
Hazel StrongBaltimore heiress, Jane Porter's best friend
Archimedes Q. PorterProfessor from Baltimore MD
Jane Porterhis daughter, fianceé of William Clayton
Samuel T. Philanderhis secretary and assistant
William Cecil ClaytonTarzan's cousin, suitor of Jane Porter
Esmeraldamaid to the Porters
Lord TenningtonLondoner, owner of yacht Lady Alice
Captain Jerrold captain of the Lady Alice
Busili first Waziri Tarzan meets
Thompkins, Spider, Wilson sailors who survive the wreck of the Lady Alice
Tha insane Priest of Opar
La High Priestess of the Flaming God of Opar
apes: Karnath, Magor Members of Tarzan's ape tribe
Dufranne Captain of a French cruiser
Summary — Book Blurb
New York: Ballantine Books


Tarzan had renounced his right to the woman he loved, and civilization held no pleasure for him. After a brief and harrowing period among men, he turned back to the African jungle where he had grown to manhood. It was there he first heard of Opar, the city of gold, left over from fabled Atlantis. It was a city of hideous men—and of beautiful, savage women, over whom reigned La, high priestess of the Flaming God. Its altars were stained with the blood of many sacrifices. Unheeding of the dangers, Tarzan led a band of savage warriors toward the ancient crypts and the more ancient evil of Opar.
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IThe Affair on the Liner
IIForging Bonds of Hate and ----?
IIIWhat Happened in the Rue Maule
IVThe Countess Explains
VThe Plot That Failed
VIA Duel
VIIThe Dancing Girl of Sidi Aissa
VIIIThe Fight in the Desert
IXNuma "El Adrea"
XThrough the Valley of the Shadow
XIJohn Caldwell, London
XIIShips That Pass
XIIIThe Wreck of the "Lady Alice"
XIVBack to the Primitive
XVFrom Ape to Savage
XVIThe Ivory Raiders
XVIIThe White Chief of the Waziri
XVIIIThe Lottery of Death
XIXThe City of Gold
XXIThe Castaways
XXIIThe Treasure Vaults of Opar
XXIIIThe Fifty Frightful Men
XXIVHow Tarzan Came Again to Opar
XXVThrough the Forest Primeval
XXVIThe Passing of the Ape-Man

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