Tarzan of the Apes

People(in order of appearance)
John ClaytonLord Greystoke, emissary to Africa
Alice ClaytonLady Alice (Rutherford), his wife
BillingsFuwalda Captain, murdered by mutineers
Black MichaelFuwalda chief mutineer, maroons Claytons
TARZAN ("white skin")Claytons' orphan, adopted son of Kala
Mbongaking of the cannibals
KulongaMbonga's son
Archimedes Q. PorterProfessor from Baltimore MD
Jane Porterhis daughter
Samuel T. Philanderhis secretary and assistant
William Cecil ClaytonTarzan's cousin, suitor of Jane Porter
Esmeraldamaid to the Porters
Hazel StrongJane's friend in Baltimore
Snipes rat-faced chief mutineer from the Arrow
KingArrow chief mutineer murdered by Snipes
Tarrantmutineer from the Arrow
Paul d'ArnotLieutenant in the French navy
CharpentierLieutenant in the French navy
DufranneCaptain in the French navy
Father ConstantineFrench missionary in Africa
Monsieur Desquercabsent fingerprint expert
Robert CanlerJane's unwanted suitor, her father's creditor
TobeyProf. Porter's factotum, Esmeralda's beau
Rev. Mr. TrousleyWisconsin minister
KerchakKing of the ape tribe of baby Tarzan
Tublatape chief after Kerchak
Kalayoungest mate of Tublat, Tarzan's mom
Terkozson of Tublat, post-Tarzan chief, exiled
Neetayoung ape previously drowned
Summary — Book Blurb
New York: Ballantine Books


Deep in the savage African jungle, the baby Tarzan was raised by a fierce she-ape of the tribe of Kerchak. There he had to learn the secrets of the wild to survive—how to talk with animals, swing through the trees, and fight against the great predators. He grew to the strength and courage of his fellow apes. And in time, his human intelligence promised him the kingship of the tribe. He became truly Lord of the Jungle. Then men entered his jungle, bringing with them the wanton savagery of civilized greed and lust—and bringing also the first white woman Tarzan had ever seen. Now suddenly, Tarzan had to choose between two worlds.
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IOut to Sea
John, Lord Greystoke, and Lady Alice sail from Dover for Africa, May 1888. Nine months later they board the Fuwalda at Freetown headed for British West Africa. Conditions are laid for mutiny; the Claytons keep to their cabin.
IIThe Savage Home
Next day the Fuwalda's officers are killed. Five days later Black Michael put the Claytons ashore. They build a temporary shelter in a tree and begin constructing a log cabin 100 yards from shore. At bedtime they see some sort of man-beast.
IIILife and Death
After two months work the cabin is habitable. Alice shoots the man-beast after it attacks John. Then she goes balmy. Their baby is born; a year later Alice dies. John despairs.
IVThe Apes
Kerchak, in a rage, causes Kala's baby to fall to its death. He leads the apes to the cabin and kills Clayton. Kala grabs their baby, leaving the corpse of her own in its crib. Kerchak fires the rifle and all flee.
VThe White Ape
Tublat hates the baby, but Kala keeps him. By age 10 he's an excellent climber and more clever than his fellows. But Tarzan feels his inferiority (lack of hair, small chin). Threatened by a lioness, he learns to swim. He makes a grass rope and uses it to capture animals.
VIJungle Battles
Tarzan enters the cabin, finds the alphabet book and hunting knife. With the knife he kills a gorilla. Tublat and Kerchak refuse to help him. Kala nurses the badly injured boy.
VIIThe Light of Knowledge
Looking at a primer back in the cabin, Tarzan finds the word "boy" associated with pictures which look like him. He slowly learns to read these "bugs." By age 12 he can write. Tublat goes crazy during the Dum-Dum, Tarzan (age 13) kills him with his knife.
VIIIThe Tree-top Hunter
The pictures of clothed men, and enduring a terrible storm, convince Tarzan to hunt Tabor for her skin. He tries, but she escapes his rope.
IXMan and Man
Kulonga kills Kala with a poisoned arrow. When he recovers from his grief Tarzan follows Kulonga and overtrakes him as he is about to shoot at a boar. Tarzan watches as he butchers and cooks the meat. Tarzan steals the bow and arrows, then follows Kulonga to his village where he kills, but is unable to eat, him.
XThe Fear-Phantom
Tarzan spies on the village and sees a woman making poisoned arrows. While the tribe rushes to view Kulonga's corpse, he drops down and arranges weapons, a skull and Kulonga's adornments as a joke, then takes the poisoned arrows.
XI"King of the Apes"
Tarzan finds his father's photo, locket and diary (in French). He returns to the village for more arrows, sees the cannibals with a victim. He kills Sabor with an arrow. Kerchak is jealous. Tarzan kills Kerchak and becomes king.
XIIMan's Reason
Tarzan moves the tribe inland but returns monthly to the cabin and to get more arrows. He defeats Terkoz but spares him. He leaves the tribe finally and returns to the cabin.
XIIIHis Own Kind
Tarzan shaves with his knife to avoid looking like an ape. He hauls the hindmost of three natives into a tree and takes his breechcloth; he uses the body to play another trick on Mbonga's village (they think he's a god). At the cabin he sees white men from the Arrow, posts a note on the door laying claim to the cabin. He saves Clayton from being shot. Clayton leaves Jane and Esmeralda at the cabin while he searches for Porter and Philander.
XIVAt the Mercy of the Jungle
Clayton, lost in the jungle, is stalked by a lion. Tarzan saves him and leads him back to the cabin. The girls are being threatened by a lioness.
XVThe Forest God
Tarzan carries Clayton piggyback to the cabin and kills the lioness.
XVI"Most Remarkable"
Tarzan returns Porter and Philander to the cabin.
The party concludes the skeletons in the cabin are the Greystokes; Tarzan watches the burial, then watches as the crew buries Porter's treasure chest and Snipes. He reburies the chest at the Dum-Dum site. Tarzan is in love with Jane.
XVIIIThe Jungle Toll
Jane's letter to Hazel tells of Spanish gold from 1550, her love of Clayton and fascination with the ape-man (who she doesn't know as Tarzan). He brings them food every day. He writes her a love note. She is hauled away by a gorilla, apparently.
XIXThe Call of the Primitive
Exiled by his tribe, Terkoz is Jane's captor. Tarzan tracks and kills him. Tarzan's embrace of Jane is repulsed. A French cruiser responds to Clayton's signal pyre; a search party is organized.
Tarzan carries Jane to the Dum-Dum arena. After a day and night of embraces, he returns her to the cabin, then rushes off in response to shots heard from the forest.
XXIThe Village of Torture
Mbonga's people wound 12 and kill 4 of the search party; they take D'Arnot to their village for dinner. Tarzan hauls one of the torturers into a tree then frees the victim.
XXIIThe Search Party
Jane, Porter and Clayton are reunited. Charpentier leads a force of 200 to destroy the village. Clayton and Jane argue over Tarzan.
XXIIIBrother Men
Tarzan writes a note for D'Arnot. They exchange written information. Tarzan learns to speak (French). They return to find the cabin deserted. Tarzan leaves in despair, then returns; D'Arnot fires at him by mistake.
XXIVLost Treasure
Speculation about whether Tarzan is one of the cannibals. The party searches for the treasure, gives up, sails away.
XXVThe Outpost of the World
Nursed by D'Arnot, Tarzan reads Jane's letter saying she belongs to another. He decides to go to America. D'Arnot reads Tarzan's diary. Tarzan doesn't believe he's Greystoke (that would have been the skeletal baby). After a long trek they meet the priest at a French Mission.
XXVIThe Height of Civilization
Tarzan is fully 'civilized' after a month in a port town. He accepts a wager to hunt Numa, thus escaping civilization for a while. He and D'Arnot charter a boat to bring back the buried treasure then head for Lyons. D'Arnot tricks Tarzan into a set of his fingerprints. It will take two weeks for an expert to see if they match those in the diary.
XXVIIThe Giant Again
In Baltimore Canler will forgive Porter's debt if Jane will marry him. She leaves for her farm in Wisconsin. Tarzan arrives and tells of a forest fire. Jane is out for a walk. Tarzan rescues her and learns of her promise to marry Canler.
Tarzan is revealed as himself to all in Jane's party. Canler arrives with a minister but releases Jane from her promise when Tarzan threatens to strangle him. He tells Porter the treasure is safe. Philander announces the baby skeleton was that of an ape. D'Arnot's telegram announces Tarzan is Greystoke. Jane, apparently, will marry William Cecil Clayton (but 'stay tuned').

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