Sociology 302 -- History of Social Thought
Prelude to Sociology

P. Bruegel: "Netherlandish Proverbs" (1559) - click it
Metsys: "The Moneychanger and his Wife"
Rembrandt: "Syndics of the Clothmaker's Guild" (1662)
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1pre-sociology, social philosophy
2small villages, buildings, localism
3households, marriage
5cyclic time
6summary: fear of change
7monetary & scientific revolution
8industrial revolution
9cottage industry
10mechanization of textiles
11textile machines
12textile machines
13heavy industry
14heavy industry, tran/comm
15agricultural revolution
16population explosion, urban
17enclosures, city growth
18demographic transition
19population explosion
20interactive revolutions
21revolution in england
22french revolution 1
23french revolution 2
24french revolution 3
25french revolution 4
26french revolution 5
27french revolution 6