meworking.jpg (9k) meworking2.jpg (5k)      1970-1976
Nancy and Lamont play. I am in my typical working clothes and poses, probably writing or attempting derivations.
mazur.jpg (3477bytes) gossmanchuck2.jpg (10k) taylor.jpg (9k) tedallen.jpg (3079bytes)
Demographers: Peter Mazur (holding a photo of Lenin) and Chuck Gossman (at a 4th of July, Richardson's house)
Anthropologists: Herb Taylor (at a 4th of July, our house), Ted Allen (dinner at our house)
knowles.jpg (6k)   ullis.jpg (7k) masseytedrow.jpg (11k) above Doug Massey and Lucky Tedrow with Karen and me (and Nina) after dinner.

left Phil Knowles and John Ullis on our weekend stay at Ullis' Lake Patterson cabin (near Tacoma).

couchgang.jpg (13k) Dave Swanson, Lucky Tedrow, me, Dave Myers and Phil Knowles (posing on the back of the couch). richardson.jpg (9k) Karen and I at San Francisco's Top o' the Mark with Terry and John Richardson, 27 Aug 1975
callennotebook.gif (6k) TIME MINIMIZATION - left: First page of the notebook in which I developed the time-minimization explanation for the -2/3 size-density slope.

below: Jay Callen, with Karen and me, in New Jersey, 1981

callen.jpg (11k)

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