1976- / Sociology / Western Washington University
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The 'Spokane Survivors' party (following the Pacific Sociological Association meetings, Apr 1978) —
front: me, Karen (left pic), John Richardson (right pic), Terry Richardson, Mike Finch, Loretta Tedrow, Terry Miethe; back: Peter Callero, Tony Chelte, Felix D'Allesandro, Joan Finch, Lucky Tedrow, Phil Knowles; the samoyed is our Nina; the tots are Richardsons' Genevieve and Anne.
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MOVING ON - left: Apr 1977 Science issue with my original time-minimization derviation   center: Doug Massey at Princeton, 1977;   right: Bill Mahoney (succeeded me as Sociology chair, converted me from IBM to MAC), with Karen and me at Rainy Pass in the Cascades, Nov 1979
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Summer, 1979: Allan Parker (who did the artwork for Mahoney's Human Sexuality textbook and also drew the DRL logo), his friend Rachel Rodrigues, Doug McMullin, and Karen; Doug and me in the backyard, proving it doesn't always rain on Puget Sound.
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left: Doug McMullin, in my office during my 1980/1 sabbatical, holding a world map showing nations which don't conform to the -2/3 slope (his thesis topic);   center: another of many July 4th barbeques - Doug, Lucky Tedrow (with the DRL logo on his shirt), and Gary Smith   right: Doug and I with the new derivation at Lost Creek Beach, Oregon, Aug 1980
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CULTURAL DIVERSITY?   left: Arab outfit given me by Saad Alkobaisi (his thesis dealt with size-density in the Arab world)   center: an outdoor evening wearing wreaths, with (back row) Monte Jarvis, Karen, Hugh Pillips, (front row) Mike Shively and David Kincheloe   right: George Gerhold playing Chopin on my piano
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MORE FUN AND GAMES - David Kincheloe and Mitch Eggers with me, wearing the "kill 'em all, let God sort 'em out" t-shirts with which we greeted the summer campus encampment of the Washington Air National Guard; Mitchell and I add exponents to the time-minimization derivation while continuing to prove that it isn't all rain on Puget Sound

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