Garage Stairway: The garage which houses my woodshop has an attic. Access used to be via one of those pull-down ladders. Trouble with that was that there wasn't much you could haul up there since the opening was set by the separation of the trusses (about 22"). As stuff began to accumulate in the shop I wanted better access to the second floor. My neighbor Mike McMullin suggested a stairway to an external door. We bought treated 2x6s and untreated 2x4s and built what we kept referring to as the "stairway to the stars". It was a little disconcerting to me to watch Mike cut a hole in the wall up there, but in the end I have a much more useable storage space upstairs. I was concerned that the doorway is very close to the electrical inlet to our property (it goes down the pipe and then, underground, to the house), so I added the screen ... built into a framework identical to that used for the gates I made earlier.