Jewelry Box
I made this box out of a four-foot length of crown molding. The board wasn't as thick as I had planned, so I added some 1/4" ply to the back before cutting. I cut the top and bottom off at 90 degrees, then mitered the four corners. Next, on the bandsaw, I cut out the spaces separating the little legs. The top was originally a butcher board made in a high school shop class. The student had tried to rout a butterfly on one side and botched the job. I planed that off and cut the board down to fit the top of the box. Once it was all glued together I sawed off the top, about 1/2" below the butcher board. I was going to line it with velvet, but I had some unfinished mahogany ply around and it looked pretty good so I lined the box with that. I also used more ply to build up the sides on which a ply-constructed tray could ride. The hinges are mortised into the base.