Household Gates: We have a dog and four cats. Over the years we've had to use various "baby gates" to keep the puppy or grown dog in when the front or back door is open. We got tired setting these up and taking them down or climbing over them. So I made some simple swinging gates to take their place. Each is made from 2 x 2 utility stock. I ran that over the table saw blade to cut a 3/4" slot, then miter-cut these. I assembled the frame on top of the router table (to get square corners). With three sides assembled I worked 1/2" hardware cloth into the slots, then attached the fourth side of the frame. Wood parts were attached with drywall screws; small finishing nails hold the hardware cloth taut. The kitchen and front door gates are secured with hooks, the front porch gate with a top-mounted sliding bolt. There are two gates at the front to enable us to have the porch open to Halloweeners while keeping the dog back inside the front door. Since the porch gate is longer than the other two, I added a double brace (front and back of the mesh).