Homemade Version of the Dome-Lidded Chest
notes: I decided to try making the dome-lidded chest again, using the equipment I had in my own garage (vs. the large variety of good power tools I used on campus to the produce the original chest last Fall). I used the table saw for nearly everything, except contour cutting of the top end pieces using the bandsaw. Instead of the router table we had at school, I did the box joints using a box joint miter gauge from Sears and my adjustable dado blade set for 1/2", using a wood sheet backing to lessen chipping. One thing I found very useful: Using the bandsaw, I made a jig to hold the lid while sawing off the irregular parts below the dome on the table saw. It was also helpful when gluing the top to the bottom. I added a tray, a false bottom and a lid-door all made of 1/4" mahogany ply. The finish is two coats of tung oil.