Acoustic Panel Ceiling
notes: Partly to increase the light (white ceiling) I was going to cover the ceiling with sheetrock, but my shop teacher Michael Falherty suggested acoustic panels instead (the rock would have been extra noisy; this would cut down on that - as well as being easier to install). My neighbor Mike was an enormous help (actually did most of the work). We cut white masonite into three-inch strips, gang-drilled holes every 16 inches on the drill press, and attached them to the 2x4 joists. There were lots of details to prevent simply inserting the ripped panels: old light fixtures, new plugs (we were vastly increasing the supply of overhead lights), garage door tracks, etc. We also picked up two nice used cabinets from the local Re-Store for over the bench. I tried to get a pic of Mike, but instead he got one of me. I can't believe the new lighting: double 4' lamps: 3 along the workbench, one under the cabinets and five pairs along the ceiling. Absolutely no shadows anywhere!