Some Birdhouses: These, arranged across the front of our backyard garage and facing our kitchen, were mostly made from scrap, though some of it was pretty nice scrap obtained from the Aanes (a local fine furniture maker) throwaway bucket - e.g., the third house from the left with the pointed roof has a one-inch thick front piece made from Jatoba (Brazilian Cherry); the hexagonal tube to the right of that has a White Maple roof; the hexagonal face on the seventh house is Baltic Birch; the wren house at the far right has a Black Walnut face. And that is a bird in flight in the picture of the rear of the houses. The house in the very middle of the set was made by Evan Schmidt, a boy who lives across the street. Click on any picture to enlarge. I added the upper right picture when our first customers set up housekeeping ... a pair of sparrows living in the white-trimmed a-frame.